Home Tips and Tricks: Clever Hacks for a Tidy and Stylish Home

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Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a home that not only sparkles with cleanliness but also reflects your unique style with the home tips and tricks I’ve prepared for you in this blog post. From time-saving cleaning strategies to clever ways to upcycle your favorite items, this post is your go-to guide for achieving the home environment you’ve always dreamed of! We’ll dive into the realms of: kitchen efficiency, living room refreshes, stain removal mastery, bathroom brilliance, and even backyard bliss. 

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Get ready to embrace a home that not only sparkles with cleanliness but also has its own, timeless charm. Your dream home is just a click away – let the transformation begin!

Time-Saving Tips and Cleaning Hacks for Every Room

In the fast-paced rhythm of our lives, finding efficient ways to maintain a tidy home is key. Discover how to seamlessly integrate cleaning into your daily routine with these time-saving tips and clever hacks

Adapt a Cleaning Calendar

Streamline your chores with the power of a cleaning calendar. A well-planned cleaning calendar can turn cleaning from a daunting task into a manageable routine in which you can involve the whole family.

Upcycle Items You Love

If I have to be honest, this one is my absolute favorite! Turning old into gold is something I have been doing for years now, and I know how powerfully a few well-placed DIY decorations can change the look and feel of the whole room! Besides, upcycling adds a personal touch to your space and contributes to a sustainable and eco-friendly home.

Here are some of my favorite upcycled projects I am sure you’ll love:

Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy

home tips and tricks Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy in a shower caddy

A well-organized cleaning arsenal sets you up for any cleaning challenge. However, if you can’t access your supplies quickly and effortlessly when you need them, they might not help you in need.

One of the ways to store your supplies within arm’s reach is to organize them in a shower caddy. Get yours from Amazon today!

Keep Your Cleaning Tools Clean

A clean home begins with clean tools. Period. Keeping your brooms, mops, and vacuum cleaners in top-notch condition extends their lifespan, while setting you up for an efficient and effective cleaning every time you use them.

Turn Decluttering Into a Habit

Turn Decluttering Into a Habit

I like to think about decluttering as a journey, not a destination. Let’s be honest – there are always times (like around holidays) when clutter piles up here and there in our homes, but it’s essential to deal with it as soon as possible. 

There are different strategies and straightforward steps you can start doing today to seamlessly implement decluttering into your routine. Even if you’re feeling challenged, just take action, no matter how small. 

Here are some of my own decluttering tutorials:

Kitchen and Appliances

Explore the world of effortless kitchen cleanup and maintain a room, that’s both functional and visually appealing.

I have several tutorials on kitchen appliance cleaning:

Effortless Kitchen Cleanup

Learn new ways to deal with common kitchen cleaning challenges with the following home tips and tricks:

Clean Marks Off of Scratched White Bowls and Plates

Say “goodbye” to the marks and scratches on your favorite white bowls and plates with this home hack! It works so well it looks like magic! You can see my tutorial on removing marks and other stains How To Remove Stains: You won’t believe how easy it is!

Clean Cabinets with a Vacuum

Give your kitchen cabinets a thorough cleaning using an unexpected tool – a vacuum cleaner. It’s an easy way to clean those spices, dust, and grime that accumulates in the corners.

Mix 1/4 cup of Murphy's Oil Soap with a gallon of water. Use a clean washcloth to wipe down wood surfaces, starting with tables and then cabinets. Wipe cabinets from top to bottom, focusing on crevices and areas touched by hands.

After your are done vacuuming them out be sure to clean the cabinets naturally you can find my full tutorial at Best Way To Clean Kitchen Cabinets: Quick and Easy

Naturally Clean Your Kitchen Sink and Garbage Disposal

Clean your kitchen sink and garbage disposal without harmful chemicals, just with baking soda and white vinegar! Don’t forget to wash it well with hot water, too! Quick, easy, and eco-friendly!

Now we're going to talk about the garbage disposal. I have frozen some vinegar into ice cubes, and you could alternatively use lemon juice or a combination of vinegar and lemon juice.  For this one I'm going to place the ice cubes into the garbage disposal turn the water on and run the garbage disposal.  This cleans the blades and deodorizes your garbage disposal. 

I make vinegar ice cubes and you can see my tutorial on cleaning the garbage disposal and sink in these posts:

Kitchen Appliances

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and keeping it in top-notch condition doesn’t have to feel like a never-ending chore! Here are a few home tips and tricks you can follow to help you achieve that.

Natural Ways to Polish Away Smudges on Stainless Steel Appliances

Natural Ways to Polish Away Smudges on Stainless Steel Appliances

Did you know, that it’s possible to clean your stainless steel appliances with natural products? That’s right! Bring back the shine to your stainless steel stove or fridge with easy and effective natural cleaning techniques.

Use Lemon Juice and Vinegar for Shine

home tips and tricks Use Lemon Juice and Vinegar for Shine

Learn how to bring out the best of your furniture surfaces using the powerful mixture of lemon juice and vinegar with a homemade furniture polish.

Many of you know I like a clean house. I have also been working hard doing the research on eliminating chemicals in my home. I have some DIY household cleaners that I am using to share with you.

You can make a ton of natural DIY household cleaners, I have a ton of them listed at All Natural, Non-Toxic DIY Household Cleaners to Use Everywhere in Your Home

Skip the Rinse Before Loading the Dishwasher

Save time and water with a surprising dishwasher hack. Learn why skipping the rinse before loading your dishwasher can lead to cleaner and more eco-friendly results.

Clean Light Fixtures in Your Dishwasher

Clean Light Fixtures in Your Dishwasher

Say goodbye to dust and grime on your kitchen lights with this clever dishwasher hack.

Baking Soda and Vinegar for Dishwasher Cleaning

Give your dishwasher a spa day with a simple yet effective cleaning hack! Baking soda and vinegar can work wonders to eliminate buildup and keep your dishwasher in top-notch condition. 

By the way, it would work for your washing machine, too, because the laundry detergent can also build up residue and attract more dirt.

Steam-Cleaning Your Microwave

Discover the easiest way to keep your microwave spotless and ready for your next use by cleaning it with steam!

When the timer is done, your microwave should be all steamy inside. Use a clean wash cloth and wipe out the entire microwave.

I like to use vinegar and lemon juice to clean mine and you can find that tutorial at Complete Kitchen Deep Cleaning Guide: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Use Zones to Organize Your Pantry and Fridge

Use Zones to Organize Your Pantry and Fridge

Take charge of your kitchen chaos by learning how to create designated zones in your pantry and fridge, streamlining your storage, and making meal planning a seamless process.

You can find all of my kitchen organization tips here:

Living Room Refresh: Quick Cleaning Wins

Keep the welcoming and comfortable atmosphere by implementing these quick and easy cleaning strategies for your living room!

Clean Your Candles From Dust

Clean Your Candles From Dust

Keep your candle collection dust-free with a quick and easy dusting technique

Shine Your Ceiling Fan With a Pillowcase

Keep your ceiling dust-free with an old pillowcase! So smart!

Clean Blinds With Socks

Explore a simple, yet effective way to keep your blinds clean using old socks. Easy-peasy! 

Use a Paint Roller to Clean Ceilings

home tips and tricks Use a Paint Roller to Clean Ceilings

A paint roller can become your go-to tool for maintaining a clean and dust-free ceiling, especially if you have a rough ceiling. 

Are you looking for dusting hacks? Cleaning your home is a chore that can take a lot of time. This article offers smart ways to get it done faster.

You can find all of my easy dusting hacks at Easy Dusting Hacks That Will Save You Time

Freshen The Air in Your Home With Easy DIYs

Turn your home into an aromatic haven of freshness with these simple DIY recipes!

You can find all of my air fresheners and odor eliminators at:

Fabric and Furniture

Spot-Cleaning Fabrics With Baby Wipes

Spot-Cleaning Fabrics With Baby Wipes

Affiliate link: https://www.amazon.com/Unscented-Huggies-Simply-Fragrance-Free-Diaper/dp/B08QRKY3NJ/

From upholstery to curtains, spot-cleaning with these handy wipes is easy, quick, and sometimes, an absolute lifesaver! 

Keep a few packs in your drawer so you’re ready for any mess coming your way. Order a box today!

How to Clean Your Kid’s Mattress

Clean your child's mattress

When our kids are little, accidents happen. It doesn’t matter if they’re big or small, you can apply different strategies to clean your kids’ mattresses without using heavy chemicals.

Clean Your Pillows

For my first run through I added 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide - this is a bleach alternative.

Most pillows are machine washable and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to clean a dirty pillow with just a few ingredients you already have at home! How To Wash My Pillow DIY & How To Wash Bed Sheets: Easy Tips and Tricks

Stain Removal

Tackling Stubborn Stains

Removing Red Wine Stains From Carpet

Removing Red Wine Stains From Carpet

I have tested, and I absolutely love Martha Stewart’s advice on how to get rid of red wine stains from a carpet. It’s only 4 simple steps, and the approaches she offers are using products you already have in your kitchen:

  1. Use a spray bottle with diluted dishwashing soap solution on the stain; tamp with a soft-bristled brush.
  2. Flush with warm water, apply white vinegar, and tamp; let stand for several minutes, and flush again.
  3. If the stain remains, apply hydrogen peroxide and let it stand. Dry up the area, if necessary.
  4. If the stain still doesn’t get out, apply 1 or 2 drops of ammonia to the wet area.

Once you’re done cleaning, you can use a microfiber cloth to dry the wet area. I found it works very well.

What is the best homemade carpet stain remover? Stains, we hate them but they happen right? Coffee, Wine, Mud, Chocolate are just some of the few most common stains. I found something that cleaned all of them up with just 2 ingredients!

I have a whole post dedicated to removing stains with just 2 ingredients, from coffee, to wine, to mud, etc… this tutorial is sure to help you! Quick and Easy Homemade Carpet Stain Remover Using Common Household Ingredients

Dealing with Hard Water Stains

home tips and tricks Dealing with Hard Water Stains

Getting rid of hard water stains may seem like a daunting task. But you can easily change this if you know how. So, grab your brush, and prepare yourself with 8 ways to get rid of hard water stains (insert an Amazon affiliate link where relevant):

  1. Dawn dish soap
  2. White vinegar
  3. Bar Keepers’ Friend
  4. Borax
  5. A wet pumice stone
  6. Toiletbowl cleaner
  7. The Pink Stuff
  8. Baking soda

The Magic of Magic Erasers

The Magic of Magic Erasers

Magic erasers are truly magical! They’re one of my favorite home tips and tricks, and they:

  • Environmentally-friendly product
  • Don’t use anything else but water for cleaning
  • Easy to shape in any form

These white melamine foam sponges are great for cleaning:

  • Grease
  • Dirt and dust
  • Glass
  • Leather
  • Office equipment
  • Floors
  • Tiles
  • And more!

I always make sure I have some handy, so I usually get a pack of 50. Order yours from Amazon today!

Are you looking for magic eraser hacks? Look no further as here are several easy DIY tips and tricks you can start right now!

You can find my post on several magic eraser hacks to make it easier to clean your home at Easy DIY Magic Eraser Hacks To Use Now with Video

Bathroom Brilliance: Tips for a Spa-Like Clean

Turn your bathroom into a spa-like oasis with cleaning tips that will transform your space.

Keep a Paper Towel Roll In The Bathroom for Guests

Keep a Paper Towel Roll In The Bathroom for Guests

Save yourself installing more hooks for towels or additional extra laundry! Keep a paper towel roll in the bathroom for your guests. They use it and discard it! Easy-peasy! Get yours now

An Extra Shelf Over The Top of Your Bathroom Door

An Extra Shelf Over The Top of Your Bathroom Door

Need extra storage in the bathroom? Make the best of the space over the top of your bathroom door by installing an extra shelf.

Unclog The Sputtering Showerhead

Is your showerhead not performing at its best? I thought so! Because I know dismantling it could be a hassle, here’s how to clean it easily, without taking it off. 

Use Vinegar and Baking Soda to Fix Slow-Running Drains

There are multiple fast and easy ways to unclog drains, but using white vinegar and baking soda is probably my favorite!

How do you unblock a toilet without a plunger? Sometimes our toilets get blocked from time to time. I'm going to share how to unclog a toilet without a plunger.

You can find my tutorial on unclogging a sink, toilet and more at How To Unclog a Toilet without a Plunger

Get Rid of Soap Scum Effortlessly

If you’re using your bathroom, there will be soap scum, sometimes even mold. It’s a fact. But there are ways to clean it effectively and prevent it and any residue from forming in the first place. Read more about how to do it in this article.

Home Tips and Tricks: Bedroom

Don’t Skip Making Your Bed

home tips and tricks Dont Skip Making Your Bed multiple health benefits

If making up your bed in the morning doesn’t set you up for success, I don’t know what does! There are multiple health benefits of turning making your bed into a routine, like:

  • Better sleep
  • Less stress
  • A more clear, calmer outlook to a more organized mind

Besides, your bedroom looks so much better!

Add Smart Toy Storage

If you live in a small apartment or you’re a big family in a small house, you probably have toys in your bedroom. Here are some clever ways to store them (insert an Amazon affiliate link where relevant):

  • Behind the door organizer for small toys
  • Under the bed storage on wheels
  • Vertical organizers

Make Use of The Vertical Space in Your Closet

Make Use of The Vertical Space in Your Closet

Maximize every inch of your closet’s vertical space with these practical hanging organizers.

Backyard and Gardens

Salt As A Natural Outdoor Furniture Cleaner

Salt As A Natural Outdoor Furniture Cleaner

Other Genius Home Tips and Tricks

Dust Screens with a Coffee Filter

Dust LCD Screens with a Coffee Filter

You can find my tutorial on using coffee filters in so many ways at 13 Amazing and Easy Paper Coffee Filters Home Hacks

Guided list of Home Tips and Tricks:

Here is a huge list of many of my home tips and tricks you’ll find on my website. Tons of how to tutorials about cleaning, organizing, and other helpful home hacks!

Cleaning Home Tips and Tricks:

Cleaning Home Tips and Tricks:



Other Cleaning Tips and Hacks:

Organizing Home Tips and Tricks:

Organizing Home Tips and Tricks:




Laundry Room

Other Organizing Hacks:

Home Tricks and Hacks:

Home Tricks and Hacks:

Home Tips and Tricks Q & A

How do I keep my house spotless?

Keeping your house spotless is no easy task, but with a few simple strategies, you can maintain a clean and tidy home. Here are some tips to help you achieve a spotless house:

1. Create a Cleaning Schedule: Designate specific days for different cleaning tasks, such as dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. Stick to the schedule to ensure all areas of your home are regularly cleaned.

2. Declutter Regularly: Clutter can make your home look messy even when it’s clean. Make decluttering a habit by regularly sorting through your belongings and getting rid of items you no longer need or use. This will help you maintain a clutter-free environment.

3. Develop Daily Cleaning Habits: Incorporate simple daily cleaning habits into your routine, such as wiping down countertops, sweeping floors, and doing a quick tidying up. These small tasks can prevent dirt and messes from piling up.

4. Use Organizational Tools: Invest in storage solutions like bins, baskets, and shelves to keep your belongings organized. Having designated places for everything will make it easier to keep your home tidy.

5. Clean as You Go: Instead of letting dishes pile up in the sink or clothes accumulate on the floor, make it a habit to clean up after yourself immediately. This will save you time and effort in the long run.

6. Involve the Whole Family: Distribute cleaning tasks among the family members, making it a shared responsibility. This not only lightens the workload but also teaches everyone the importance of maintaining a clean home.

7. Stay on Top of Maintenance: Regularly check and maintain appliances, HVAC systems, and other household items to prevent issues that could lead to dirt or messes. Fix any problems promptly to keep your home in tip-top shape.

Remember, a spotless house requires continuous effort and consistency. By implementing these tips and developing a cleaning routine, you can enjoy a clean and inviting living space.

How do people keep their homes clean all the time?

Keeping a home clean all the time can seem like a daunting task, but it is achievable with a few key strategies. Here are some tips on how people maintain a consistently clean home:

1. Develop Daily Cleaning Habits: Incorporate small, daily cleaning tasks into your routine. This can include making the bed, wiping down surfaces, doing a quick tidy, or cleaning up after meals. Consistency with these tasks helps prevent dirt and messes from piling up.

2. Implement a Cleaning Schedule: Create a schedule that outlines specific cleaning tasks for each day, week, or month. Breaking down the cleaning tasks into manageable chunks ensures that no areas of the home are neglected for too long.

3. Minimize Clutter: Clutter can make a space look messy even if it’s clean. Regularly declutter by sorting through your belongings and getting rid of items you no longer need or use. Find designated storage spaces for everything to maintain a clutter-free environment.

4. Clean as You Go: Avoid letting messes accumulate by cleaning up immediately after mess-making activities. This can include wiping spills, putting away items after use, and doing small cleaning tasks in the moment rather than letting them build up over time.

5. Involve the Whole Family: Distribute cleaning responsibilities among family members. Teach and encourage everyone to clean up after themselves and contribute to the overall cleanliness of the home. This shared responsibility makes it easier to maintain a consistently clean environment.

6. Use Efficient Cleaning Tools and Products: Invest in cleaning tools and products that make the cleaning process more efficient and effective. This can include microfiber cloths, quality vacuum cleaners, and multi-purpose cleaners. Having the right tools on hand can make cleaning quicker and easier.

7. Stay Organized: Develop organizational systems that work for you and your household. This can include storage solutions, labeling, and keeping important items easily accessible. Being organized reduces clutter and makes it easier to find and put away items, contributing to an overall clean home.

Remember, maintaining a consistently clean home takes effort and dedication. By incorporating these strategies into your routine and involving the whole family, you can enjoy the benefits of a clean and welcoming living space.

How often does the average person clean their house?

According to a survey conducted by the American Cleaning Institute, the average person spends around 6 hours per week cleaning their house. However, the frequency of cleaning tasks may vary depending on individual preferences and lifestyle factors. Some people may prefer to clean their entire house once a week, while others may opt for daily or bi-weekly cleaning routines. Ultimately, the frequency of cleaning is a personal choice based on one’s cleanliness standards and time availability.

What is considered a messy house?

A messy house is generally characterized by disorganization, clutter, and a lack of cleanliness. Signs of a messy house may include:

1. Unorganized and cluttered surfaces: Countertops, tables, and floors are covered with items that are not put away properly.

2. Piles of laundry or unwashed dishes: Dirty clothes and dishes are left out instead of being cleaned and put away.

3. Accumulation of dust and dirt: Lack of regular cleaning results in visible dust, dirt, and grime on surfaces, floors, and in corners.

4. Overfilled closets and storage areas: Closets, cabinets, and storage spaces are overflowing with items, making it difficult to find or put away belongings.

5. Difficulty navigating through rooms: Excessive clutter makes it challenging to move around and find items in different rooms.

6. Neglected or unmaintained areas: Neglected areas such as garages, basements, or attics may be in a state of disarray, filled with unused or forgotten items.

It’s important to note that the definition of a messy house may vary from person to person, as cleanliness standards and organization preferences can differ.

Elevate your home's style with our list of home tips and tricks, with brilliant ideas for efficient cleaning, kitchen hacks, and organization.

Final Words

As we conclude this journey through house management mastery, I hope these home tips and tricks have sparked your creativity and inspired you to reimagine your living space. 

A tidy and stylish home is not just a goal; it’s a journey – one where small changes yield significant results. Implement these home hacks, adapt them to your lifestyle, and watch as your living space transforms into a haven of comfort and beauty. Stay inspired, keep experimenting, and enjoy the ongoing evolution of your home into a masterpiece of your own creation.

Am I missing your favorite hack? Which is your favorite idea from the list? I’d love to read about it in the comments below!

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