Alternative Uses for Irish Spring Soap

Chas' Crazy Creations

Irish Spring Soap is not just for showers. You will never believe what else you can use it for.

You can use it to ward off flies and other pests!

Use It On Your Doorways & Door Edges

I rub Irish spring soap onto my doors and door edges. This helps keep the flies out of my house. I even rub the door frame edges. If it rains it will wash the soap away over time, so you’ll need to reapply.

Place a Bar Around the House

You can scare many bugs and animals away by simply putting a bar of Irish spring soap where you don’t want them.

Keep Bugs Away from Sitting Area

I also like to put a bar in a mason jar and place a lid on it.

Sprinkle It or Rub It On Windowsills

You can rub Irish spring soap on your window seals, and window frame or I like to put some of the shavings in my window for when I open them. This keeps the flies and other bugs out of my house.

Pests & Rodents Affected by Soap

Flies – Mosquitoes – Spiders – Cockroaches – fruit flies – Squirrels – Mice – Rats – Chipmunks – Rabbit – Deer – Skunks

This is my front entryway,  Now I have the bar of soap scaring away flies, mosquitoes, spiders, and other bugs from my porch without the bar of soap being seen