Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen
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It’s that time of year again … spring cleaning.  It’s a little elbow grease, and I love the way it looks when it’s done.  I like to keep it as simple as possible and thought I’d share how I spring clean my kitchen with you.

The Refrigerator & Freezer – First I remove any magnets, calendars, & shopping lists.  I fill a sink with soapy water (dish soap in water) and wipe down all the surfaces – front, sides, top, etc.

I use baking soda and a scrub pad to clean up the handles and any other tough marks.

I empty out the inside of the refrigerator, and I mean everything.  While doing this I throw out things that need to be thrown out, things that I won’t use anymore, etc.

I wash all of the drawers and shelves with clean soapy water (dish soap and water).  I also wipe off all the sides, ceiling, and base of the refrigerator & freezer.

Put only the items you want to keep back in your freezer.  Take your time and now is a great opportunity to re-organize if you want, use baskets, baking sheets lined with shelving paper on your shelves for easy clean up, etc.

Okay, honestly I do clean my fridge & freezer frequently, but this is the “deep cleaning”.

Pantry Door – I wipe down the door, door creases, the molding around the door, and the top ledge above the door with soapy water.  For those tough spots, I use baking soda and a scrub pad to clean those up.  Places like the door handle, around the door handle, and those nooks and crannies in the door.

Cobwebs & Dust – I have a dust mop on an extendable pole.  I go around my kitchen and get all of the ceiling creases, corners, the tops of windows, etc and remove any cobwebs and dust from my kitchen.

Baseboards, Walls, and Window Ledges/Molding – I wipe all of these up with a bucket of soapy water.  You’ll be amazed at how much food around your table actually hits your walls.  I’m not really sure how that happens since my kids are teenagers and not little any more.

Chairs & Bar Stools – I wipe all of these down with a bucket of soapy water as well.  I wipe the entire chair and bar stool.  There are all kinds of fingermarks in all kinds of places on those chair rails.  Plus there is the collected dust behind the rails on the chairs, and the under rails of the chair.

Light Fixtures, Outlets, and Light Switch Plates – Using a bucket of soapy water, I wiped down my light fixture.  Mine is hard to come apart so I do the best I can wiping them down.  Otherwise I recommend removing the light bulb and glass, washing the glass and replacing all when dry.  I also wipe down all of the outlets and light switch plates.  They tend to collect fingerprints as well as the grease cooking particles over time.  You could remove these, wash them in your sink, and then replace them as well if you like.

Kitchen Cabinets – I use Murphy’s Oil Soap and water to clean these.  It was something my mom taught me to use and I have been very happy with the product.  It cleans them, is safe for wood cabinets, and doesn’t dry them out.  You can find my full tutorial & video here

Windows – I am excited to share a chemical free way that cleans your windows and leaves them streak free!  I use 2 microfiber cloths and water – that’s it!  The first cloth is the one I dip in the water and ring out.  I then wipe the entire window down with this cloth.  The second cloth is completely dry and I use this cloth to wipe up the water.  I am so pleased with the results.

(Thanks Dad for sharing these special clothes with me – it was definitely worth the purchase.)  You can find these cloths here – Moja Works Window Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning Your Oven – I have a self cleaning oven but it doesn’t get the window clean.  Here is is a link to my tutorial on cleaning my oven window and you can use this method to clean your whole oven if you do not have a self cleaning oven.  How To Clean Your Oven.

Oven RacksHere is a link to cleaning your oven racks. 

It’s so easy and effortless, it’s one of my favorite things to clean in my kitchen.

Want to know how I clean my kitchen the rest of the year using only baking soda, vinegar, and dish soap?  



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