Different Ways To Use A Magnetic Strip

Different Ways To Use A Magnetic Strip
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These magnetic strips are so great, and did you know the possibilities are really endless. I started having fun coming up with all the different ways I could use them.

Here is my magnetic strip that I purchased on Amazon. I installed it following the package instructions which was really easy. The company calls it a knife magnetic strip so of course I’ll demo the way it was intended first.

Next I started grabbing tools and almost all tools will stick to this strip.

In my craft room I know I’ll use one of these for my paint brushes. This will help them stay nice as well as give them a place to dry after being cleaned.

There were a number of my utensils that would stick to it as well.

Even my measuring spoons and timer would stick to the strip.

I really like the idea of my most common cooking utensils being ready to go and not cluttering up my counter.

We are about to get a new stainless steel refrigerator as ours is about to die. I have this magnetic dry erase board that I use for my grocery list, but I’m not sure my new refrigerator will be magnetic anymore. So this was another way for me to use the strip. Move my list to it and add a magnetic locker cup to hold my dry erase markers next to it. Works great as a memo board too.

My dry erase clip board also stuck to it. Great for a crafting station.

My kids have chore magnets. They say the basics on them like clean your room, take out the garbage, feed pets, etc. These hung up great the strip too. The kids could take them down when they are done with them.

I used it to hang pictures of my kids! My daughter had made her magnetic picture frame for Mother’s Day back in elementary school, and my son’s photo (also from elementary school) is in a magnetic sleeve.

I bought these magnetic hooks from Walmart. I use them all over my house for so many things. By adding them to the magnetic strip, I could hold keys.

I could also hang my towels.

I put magnets on the back of some clothespins and stuck them to the magnetic strip. You could use these clothes pins to hold keys, jewelry, reminder notes/grocery lists, or missing socks in the laundry room.

I could also use the strip in my shed to hang my gardening tools on it. So many great uses with one simple magnetic strip!

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