DIY Deicer for Sidewalks and Driveways

DIY Deicer for Sidewalks and Driveways
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With all of these cold storms coming around I wanted to make a DIY deicer.  I did some research, decided on a recipe to try and put it to the test.  Here are my results for you.

For my test I mixed together the following:

2 cups water

I added 1 cup rubbing alcohol with a higher alcohol content.  I used the highest percentage I could buy at Walmart.

Last I added 1/4 cup Dawn and mixed it together.

The alcohol and Dawn are the key ingredient in this solution as it takes a colder temperature to freeze.

You can use it right away or put it in a bucket to save for when you’re ready.

Now for the test!

We cleared a walkway and there was that really slick ice under the snow.

I poured the mixture onto the ice. You could watch it starting to work right away and melt away the snow and ice. This was thinner ice so you’d probably need more to melt away thicker ice. You can make more of the mixture for bigger surfaces. I do believe that if the temperature dropped low enough and it was still wet that it might just freeze up again. So I recommend doing it earlier and giving it time to dry out. I would use it again after my experience.


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Comments (18)

  • I’ve never tried this…we have a LOT of ice right now. I’m going to check and see if I have all the ingredients and give it a try. I saw your post on the Simple Homestead hop and had to check it out!

    • Thank you Lisa and the key is the alcohol and dish soap mixture. If it gets cold enough anything will freeze but this has been working pretty good on our steps.

  • That’s such a handy tip! Our gutters drain right onto our front walkway and it rarely gets any sun to melt the ice. Pinned.

  • Wow, what great information, my friend! I will have to remember this 🙂

    I hope you are well and I trust your February is going well. Can you believe March is just around the corner?! Thank you for the many sweet comments on my blog. It’s always a delight to hear from you.

    Happy weekend! Hugs! Stephanie-The Enchanting Rose

    • Thank you Stephanie! Great to hear from you my friend. I’m so glad you had some time with your family and love reading your posts. Thanks for stopping by my friend and sending hugs to you!

  • Wow Chas! So cool! That’s great info…never knew you can do this with everyday products! We have so much snow and ice this winter, this will be so helpful. Thanks so much!

  • Wow, what a great alternative to something store bought. Here in Tennessee, we don’t have much need for deicer, but I love that this is so easy to make and utilizes normal household items. 🙂 Thanks for sharing at Sweet Inspiration!

  • We do not have that problem but I know that many readers do. Your solution sounds very practical and we will feature your post on the next Blogger’s Pit Stop. Well done.
    Blogger’s Pit Stop

  • Thank you for sharing. I need all the help that I can get on this north facing sidewalk!!!

  • Thank you so much Charles for this tip. In the tundra of Northwest Iowa this is coming in very handy! We have had the polar vortex hit I was extremely hard in this area. I trust yourhealing is still going well! I haven’t had multiple surgeries and stents on both legs and can sympathize and empathize with what you are going thru.keep those suggestions coming,Jay

    • Hi Jay, I’m so glad this is helping you! I totally understand as I come from MN and remember the cold all to well. I noticed you said Charles – I get that a lot. I’m actually Chas short for Chastity 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your story and I’m hoping you’re doing well? I’m getting stronger every day thank you for thinking of me.


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