How To Wash Bed Sheets: Easy Tips and Tricks

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Are you wondering how to wash bed sheets? Not only will this cover that, but will also cover some other important tips and tricks.

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There’s nothing like a crisp, luxurious linen sheet that can make your bedroom look and feel expensive. You will feel like you’re staying in a five-star hotel, with your room looking and smelling divine.  

Linen sheets are comfy and will keep you sweat-free as you hit the sack on hot summer nights. While in the cooler seasons, it will help regulate the temperature and keep you warm and cozy. The classic look of linen will also match any style aesthetic, and using it in various shades will help you achieve your desired look. Linen sheets are sturdy; you can even pass them on as an heirloom.   

Are you wondering how to wash bed sheets?  Not only will this cover that, but will also cover some other important tips and tricks.

All About Linen 

Linen is a very common textile widely used in various ways. It’s a fabric for clothing, tablecloths, curtains, pillows, and sheets. In ancient times, linen was a prized fabric that was even utilized to wrap the bodies of mummies in Egypt to preserve them better. Its sturdy quality is even relied upon to make dollar bills. Today, the US paper currency is made of 25% linen. 

If you’re wondering where linen is from, it’s a product of the flax plant. Today, flax may be more famous for its seed and oil, which are widely used for their many health benefits. Not everyone knows the linen fabric comes from the same plant where you get the flax seed you add to your overnight oats.  

The Flax Plant 

It’s an annual herb with a light blue flower indigenous to Central Asia and the Mediterranean. Making the textile begins by uprooting the entire plant, dew retting, which takes a few weeks, drying and turning, scutching and hackling, spinning to achieve a glossy appearance, and weaving before they’re made into warps.  

Before becoming a linen fabric that can be made into clothing and sheets, the fiber undergoes a long rigorous process and, towards the end, may be bleached, dyed, and made into a water-repellant and fire-retardant material. Today, linen as bedsheets is the most popular way to use linen. The market size for this category reached USD$23.64 billion in 2021 and growing at a rate of 6.2% because of high demand.  

If you love linen sheets, you need to care for them well so they will last a long time. To help you out, here are some tips you need to remember in caring for them: 

How To Wash Bed Sheets

Separate Color And Whites 

It would be best to wash colored and white linens separately to prevent bleeding and inadvertently coloring the whites. It’s also best to avoid washing them with cotton towels and denim to prevent tangling and attracting lint. 

Wash Only One Set Of Sheet In The Washer 

Cramming more than one set of sheets in the washer may allow you to finish your laundry fast, but it will not clean the sheets well. Even if your washer has a high load capacity, it would be best to wash one set of linen sheets per wash so you can sort them better after.  

Putting the fitted sheet together with the top sheet and the pillowcases in one load will not mix them with another laundry in your batch, and you can neatly store them together after drying. Also, washing one sheet at a time gives them enough space to tumble inside and get fluffed up.  

Don’t Add The Linen Until The Detergent Is Fully Dissolved 

Wait until the detergent is fully dissolved in the water before adding your linen to prevent white spots from appearing on your sheets. 

Secure The Sheets 

Securing the sheets means zipping what needs to be zipped, buttoning pillowcases with buttons, and, if you have sheets with strings or ties, putting them in a knot to prevent them from bunching up and getting stretched and damaged.  

Don’t Over Dry Your Linen 

Don’t wait for the drying cycle to finish; you may take out the sheets even if it’s a little damp and continue drying them on the line in the shade to preserve their soft texture and prevent adding unnecessary creases. 

Use Cold Water In Washing 

It’s best to use cold water in washing your linens to prevent them from shrinking and the color from fading, making your linens lasts for a long time. 

Set Washer To Gentle Cycle 

A gentle cycle on your linen sheet will prevent needless stretching and distress on the fabric that could rip and damage it. 

Use Mild Detergent 

A mild detergent that does not contain enzymes and abrasives is best for linens since they treat the fabric gently but will dissolve grease and dirt because of its surfactant.  

Add Baking Soda To White Linen Wash 

If you have primarily white linens, add a cup of bicarbonate soda or baking soda to the wash cycle to keep the white brighter. Baking soda is an alkali, and it helps white linens look clean and bright as it takes down tough dirt and stains that regular washing can’t. 

Store In A Dry Area Away From Sunlight 

In storing linens, it’s always best to fold them neatly and place them in a cupboard or cabinet away from direct sunlight. 

Use Dish Soap To Remove Tough Grease 

If you spilled oily food on your sheet by accident, don’t worry. Mild dish soap can remove the oil. Only directly put the sheets in the washer after taking the grease off because the stain may set and become difficult to remove when it gets into contact with warm water.  

How To Wash Bed Sheets Conclusion 

Linen sheets are more expensive than cotton because of their outstanding qualities, longevity, moisture-wicking trait, and sustainability. Caring for them is pretty straightforward. Make sure to follow these simple tips in caring for your linen so you can enjoy them longer.

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Are you wondering how to wash bed sheets?  Not only will this cover that, but will also cover some other important tips and tricks.

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  1. ! Great post~thanks for sharing! Chas, I’ve always wanted to try linen sheets but have never owned or slept on them. It’s on my bucket list! Just washed sheets today and line dried them~love the fresh smell!

    1. Thank you so much Mary. I love the smell of fresh sheets and getting into them aftewards… amazing.

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