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9 Ways To Use Wire Hangers

9 Ways To Use Wire Hangers
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No wire hangers!!!!   Can you still hear that line from “Mommy Dearest”?  I can and I cannot look at a wire hanger the same anymore after seeing that movie as a kid. We don’t use wire hangers in our closets anymore (okay my husband still does – lol), but I have saved some wire hangers and I found 9 ways to use them in and around your home.

Clean out Nozzles –

Straighten the hook part of a hanger and use it to clear out silicone, chalk, and other glue bottles.

Re-string A Drawstring –

Straighten out a hanger and make a small hook on the end. Attach the string that needs to go through to the hook via tape, safety pin, etc and push wire through the clothes. Once you have the string through, you can pull the hanger out.

Unclog A Drain –

Using the unwound hanger with the hook on the end (like the drawstring), push the hook side down into the drain, and carefully pull back up. You’ll pull up hair and all kinds of gunk plugging your drain.

Make A Reading Material Rack –

Bend your hanger in this shape…

Place a command hook or other hook of your choice on the wall and place your reading material into the hanger.

Towel Rack –

Bend a hanger in this shape…

Hang up your hanger and place a towel inside it.

Outdoor Hanging Plant Holder –

Bend your hanger into this shape…

Place your flower pot inside the circle and hang up outside.

Hang Up Shoes –

Bend your hanger in this shape and you can hang shoes in your closet, or outside after washing them to dry.

Hanging Trashcan –

Bend 2 hangers into 90 degree angles and curve up the end facing you. Set into this position…

Loop a plastic bag around them and hang it up outside. You now have a portable trashcan.

Make A Wreath –

Bend your hanger into this shape …

I have made many wreaths with this wire form. For this one I clipped clothespins onto the hanger, and placed a mirror in the center and tied that into place with fishing line.

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