Simple Budget Friendly Shaving Cream Hacks To Help Your Home

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There are a lot of shaving cream hacks out there, and I have put some of those to the test and tried some of my own.  .

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There are a lot of shaving cream hacks out there, and I have put some of those to the test and tried some of my own.

As a cleaning enthusiast, I put these to the test. Here are the results of these simple Shaving Cream Hacks To Help Your Home! You’ll need a cheap can of shaving cream. My shaving foam recommendation is for the regular, not the gel shaving cream. The white shaving foam just works better.

barbasol shaving cream on counter

shaving cream hack cleaning tips

1. Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

It is said you can clean them with shaving cream.  I put this to the test…

cleaning stainless oven with shaving cream

Squirt on the shaving cream, rub shaving cream over the surface, then wipe off with a damp sponge or microfibre cloth. I cleaned my microwave, my dishwasher, and my oven surface with shaving cream.

cleaning microwave with shaving cream

I learned not all stainless steel appliances are created equally.  While it cleaned my oven and microwave well with no trouble.  My dishwasher was a different story.

cleaning dishwasher with shaving cream

 It did indeed clean it up nicely, but I was left with some streaks.  What that meant is that my dishwasher stainless steel just needed an additional step which was to moisturize it with some olive oil – perfect after that with streak-free shine.

2. Clean Glass and Tile Backsplashes

Place a little bit of shaving cream on a cloth, rub it over the tile, then use a damp microfiber cloth or sponge to remove it.

It works great to clean your glass and tile backsplashes.

cleaning stove top with shaving cream

3. Use shaving cream to clean stove top

It also works great to clean your glass cooktop, it would also work well on a range. Squirt a little shaving cream on to remove stubborn dirt, oil, etc, and then wipe clean with a warm damp cloth. This can remove those pesky burn marks too.

squeaky door with shaving cream

4. Stop A squeaky hinge

Got a squeaky door?  Spray on a little thick foam shaving cream, rub in, move the door a bit, and the squeak is gone!

cleaning jewelry with shaving cream

5. Clean your jewelry

I cleaned my wedding ring by squirting a little shaving cream on it, scrubbing it with an old toothbrush, then rinsing it clean.

ring after cleaning with shaving cream

You’re rings and other jewelry will sparkle like new.

cleaning shower doors with shaving cream

6. Clean your shower

Use it in your bathroom to clean your shower doors and tile.  It works like scrubbing bubbles. Plus it gets rid of steamy shower fog.

defog car mirrors with shaving cream

7. Clean your car windows

Use it in your car to defog and clean your car windows.  This also works to defog mirrors, glass, and more.

clean car upholstery with shaving cream

8. Clean your car seats and upholstry

Cleans spots, and just wipes up the seats in general.  Spray it on and wipe it up with a damp cloth.  This will also work on suede couches!

removing carpet stains in car

9. Get rid of those stubborn stains.

It works great as a spot cleaner.

shaving cream on carpet in car

Spray a little shaving cream onto the spot.  Blot it in with a damp cloth or sponge.  Let dry overnight. It’s usually a good idea to use a white cloth to blot at the stain as well.

gray carpet in car

The next day vacuum over the spot and it’ll be gone!  If you have a tough spot you have to repeat the steps a few times. Once you have the stain removed you should give a light warm water rinse to your carpet.

cleaning brass faucets with shaving cream

10. Polish faucets

Use it to shine your chrome and brass faucets on your sinks, showers, and tubs. Squirt a little shaving cream on and then give it a quick wipe with a damp cloth. Cleans with a little scrubbing

cleaning mirror with Shaving Cream

11. Clean your bathroom mirror

Spray shaving cream on your mirror and wipe off with a clean cloth to clean foggy mirrors.

shaving cream removing paint in hand

10. Remove Paint from your hands

Got paint on your hands, use some shaving cream to get it off.  Simply rub your hands together with the shaving cream, wipe it off with a cloth, and it’ll be gone.

During this process, I went through a good amount of shaving cream, but I still had plenty left in my bottle of shaving cream to do more cleaning. Some of these had amazing results that I may add to my cleaning routine, and some I might not do again. What did you think of this simple hack? Do you have a new cleaning hack to share? I’d love to hear in the comments.

There are a lot of shaving cream hacks out there, and I have put some of those to the test and tried some of my own.
How to use shaving cream to clean?

You can use shaving cream to clean your stainless steel, carpet, polish faucets, Upholstery, jewelry, cook tops, clean paint off your hands, and more. You can also use it to clean glass (like your shower doors), fiberglass tubs, and mirrors.

How do you clean a bathroom with shaving cream?

You can use it to clean your faucets and polish them. You can also use it to clean glass (like your shower doors), fiberglass tubs, and mirrors.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Are you kidding me? I can hardly wait to try this. Do you remember that post I did on Hometalk about the carpet with burn marks that is really old? It has other spots too! I keep saying I’m going to work on it but I haven’t yet. I’ll be in heaven if it works on mine as well as it worked on yours! Great tips!

    1. Thanks Linda! I actually just did my stairs yesterday as the gray carpet has gotten a brownish tinge to it – yuck. I put the shaving cream on just like the spot treatment. I vacuumed it up and they look SO much better!

      1. So glad you want to give it a try – thanks Faith

  2. My goodness that’s a lot stuff it cleans! Great post. Sharing on FB. Thank you for sharing on Merry Monday! Hope to see ya next week!

    1. Thank you Kim and thanks for sharing on Facebook.

  3. I can’t wait to try a few of these hacks like my glass top stove and removing paint from my hands. I have a few painting projects coming up. Thanks for sharing on Sunday’s Best.

    1. Thank you Rhonda, I’m so glad you want to give a few a try.

  4. I had literally no idea! It’s like a magic product!
    I will definitely give these a try. Thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you Julie, and I’m so pleased you want to give it a try 🙂

  5. Will shaving gel work the same?

    1. That is a great question Sue, thanks for asking. Sadly from what research I have done the answer is no. It needs to be the regular white kind of shaving cream.

  6. Alma K Croix says:

    Just scanned through your hacks – not much time on Saturdy – can hardly wait until I can read them all! They sound awesome. And I’ve already found a couple with shaving cream I am so ready to try! Thanks being so brilliant!!!


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