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Trash Bag Storage Dispenser/Container

Trash Bag Storage Dispenser/Container
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Re-purpose a bleach wipe container into a trash bag storage container. It’s affordable, easy, cleans up all of those messy bags, and

re-purposes a container you might have recycled.

For this project I used: An empty bleach wipe container bags wall stickers and alphabet stickers from Dollar Tree.

Take off the label.

Apply the wall sticker. You could also use shelf liner, or any stickers you like.

Optional to add the letter stickers. You could also just write it on there.

Add your bags. We have just stuffed them in there and pulled them out. If you are looking for a great tutorial on now to fold them and get them to pull out nicely go here:

Put the lid back on and pull one up towards the top.

Close the lid and put the can where you need it… bathrooms, kitchen, car…

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Comments (8)

  • What a great idea! I love your organization ideas. So easy and looks great.

  • So pretty! Where I live in CA we no longer get bags when shopping, (it has been so long, I can’t remember when it started! At least 10 years ago, probably more), you have to bring your own. They charge between 10 – 25 cents per bag, even the shops in the mall are doing away with bags or charging for them. Some vendors that still give bags, food take out, for example, are going back to a recycled paper product. Hang on to those bags before they are a “thing of the past!”

    • Thanks Naomie, and I think that is fantastic that CA is encouraging bringing your own bag. When we traveled to Europe this past summer, all of the stores were like that there as well. I try to use my own bags most of the time, I only use these when I need new trash bags 🙂

  • Gah! I love this! How cute is this?! I love upcycled things like this, and I never would have thought of this 🙂 Stopping by from Link it Up Wednesday

  • SOOO much better than a bag full of bags under the sink!

    • Thank you Julie. My husband’s grandma had taught us a special way to fold them to reduce the space under the sink, but I like this even more. 🙂


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