Easy and Cheap Holiday Clean Up Hacks

Easy and Cheap Holiday Clean Up Hacks
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It’s that time of year when we clean up all of our holiday decor, and I wanted to share a few ways I clean up my mine with you.

Tree Storage –

Here is my 3 foot tree. My kids have a little one in each of their rooms too. We pull off all the ornaments to be packed up.

I cover each of them with a large garbage bag to protect them and keep the dust off of them.

I have a smaller tree that goes in my room. I wrap the entire thing – ornaments and all with saran wrap. This keeps the ornaments in place for next year and keeps the dust off.

Ornament Storage –

For ornaments there are several different options to inexpensively and easily store them. Keep containers to place the ornaments in that will keep them safe and stack nicely. These containers here came from my Yankee Candle order. I love that it holds larger ornaments and odd sized ones as well.

You can also use drink carriers and they stack nicely.

Egg Cartons are wonderful to hold smaller ornaments.

Once you get all of your ornaments in these containers, carefully stack them in a cardboard box or a plastic bin.

Wreaths –

I hung my wreath on a hanger. I then pulled a kitchen garbage bag over my wreath. The bottom is at the top and I made a small hole for the hanger to come through. I cinched the bottom closed. This allows your wreath to hang up, stay nice, and keep the dust off.

Wrapping Paper –

I use “slap bracelets” to hold my wrapping paper together so it doesn’t unravel or get torn.

I then place my wrapping paper in a shirt garment bag. I use a hanger to hang it up to keep it nice and out of the way.

Bows –

I use a popcorn tin to hold bows. This protects them and keeps them nice.

Lights –

Use a hanger to wind lights up. Hang them up until next year.

Ribbon –

I use a shoe box that I had to store ribbon.

Bags & Boxes –

I collapse clothing boxes and stack them, and I fold reusable bags to use again next year. I store them all in a large box that my boots came in.

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