Easy DIY Dollar Tree Plastic Crate Shelves 

Chas' Crazy Creations

Hi! I'm Chas and I LOVE quick and easy DIYs, especially with Dollar Tree materials.

Here's how I made plastic crate shelves:

Measure, Cut, &  Glue Pool Noodles

After you’ve decided what direction you want your baskets to go, place the three baskets upside down. Measure your pool noodles so they will fit between each of the baskets.


I’m using my Xyron self-loading glue gun, which is super awesome, to hot glue each of the pool noodles into place between each of the baskets. This helps make them more stable. I repeated the process and made two sets of baskets.

Make the Top Shelf

Now I’m taking a piece of foam core board and I’m measuring it out to fit on top of my baskets. I made a line where I need to cut and used a razor blade to cut down the line.


I grabbed some wood grain style contact paper from Dollar Tree to cover the poster board. I measured the contact paper for the size of the poster board and I cut a little extra.

I peeled the backing off as I went and placed the contact paper onto the poster board, smoothing it out as I went to get rid of any bubbles.

Measure & Cut Poster Board Shelves


Next, I measured my baskets and cut a piece of poster board in half and then I divided it into thirds to make shelving. I cut the six pieces of poster board to place at the bottom of each of the baskets.

Assemble the Shelves

I placed the shelves vertically against the wall and my foam core board on top of the shelving unit. I placed the poster board into the bottom of each of the baskets to keep things from falling through the holes.


If you want the baskets to be more stable you can attach them to the wall with screws.

Then fill and style the baskets! I used them for books and snacks.