Creative Home Hacks for Using Hangers Around the House

Hi! I'm Chas and I love creating smart organization solutions on a budget. 


Clean Out Nozzles

This is the easiest way to open a clogged nozzle. Straighten the hook part of a hanger. This is a great way to clear out silicone, chalk, and other glue bottles.


Restring a Drawstring

Straighten out a hanger and make a small hook on the end. Attach the string that needs to go through to the hook via tape, safety pin, etc, and push the wire through the clothes. 


Unclog a  Drain

Using the unwound hanger with the hook on the end (like the drawstring), push the hook side down into the drain, and carefully pull it back up.


Make a  Reading Material Rack

Bend your hanger in this shape…Place a command hook or other hook of your choice on the wall and use this as a magazine holder.


Make a  Towel Rack

Bend your hanger in this shape…Hang up your hanger and place a towel on it. This is great in a laundry room or garage.