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Unclog Drains & Toilets With Out Plunging

Unclog Drains & Toilets With Out Plunging
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There are so many drains in our homes and from time to time they get clogged. We’ve all been there. I wanted to share some ways to unclog drains with natural products and without using a plunger.

*Everyone’s got different kinds of pipes, home temperatures, etc.  Please know what you are working with so you know what your limits are with your toilets, sinks, pipes, etc.

Toilets –

For clogged toilets (I used a lot of toilet paper to create a clogged toilet), pour in 1 cup dish detergent and let that sit for a couple minutes.

Next add warm/hot water (not boiling), I added about 4 cups. Let this sit for a couple minutes to start breaking everything up.

Flush the toilet – It might start slow as it’s breaking everything free, but then it should flush away. You can repeat the process if there is still some left behind.

Sinks –

If you are clearing out a sink in your home like this one… Try snaking it out with a drain snake first. You can pick these up at places like Dollar Tree and Walmart. Just stick it down the drain and pull it up. You will be amazed at the hair, toothpaste, and other yucky stuff that will come up. When you have it cleaned out as much as possible proceed to the next steps below.

If your sink is slow to drain or clogged up most of the time it’s build up. Sprinkle 1/2 cup baking soda down the drain and let it sit for a minute.

Next pour down 1 cup of vinegar.

You’ll get a fun reaction – remember building volcanoes in school? Once the reaction is done let it sit for a couple minutes.

Follow that up with boiling water – if you don’t want to use boiling water you can flush it with the hottest temperature on your faucet. This will help loosen more up and flush the system out.

If it’s your kitchen sink, slice a lemon and put it in the garbage disposal. Turn your disposal on to clean everything out. The lemon will deodorize your garbage disposal and clean out any gunk down there.

One of the last things I always do is put the stopper in, fill the sink up, and then let it drain just to make sure it’s good and clear. If it’s your kitchen sink I recommend turning on the garbage disposal again while draining as the added force will put that water and all the other stuff further down the drain.

To prevent clogs – in your bathtub, sinks, kitchen sinks, etc use a strainer. These can be picked up at Dollar Tree, Walmart, online. In a bathtub or bathroom sink, use it to cover the drain like this.

It’ll stop thinks like hair from going down and clogging up your drains.

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