To Grandma’s House We Go Link Party 127
How was your Valentine's Day?  Are you ready for spring yet?  We just had a 3 day weekend with the kids and I love those - a little extra time to spend with them is always welcome by me.  We are ready for spring and looking forward to spring break in one month.… (1 comment)

To Grandma’s House We Go Link Party 126
Happy almost Valentine's Day!  What are all of you doing for Valentine's Day?  We are a simple family - we'll exchange cards and a couple little gifts.  My favorite thing is when my kids were young they wanted to play restaurant during Valentine's Day.  I helped prepare the meal, and then they wanted to be the wait staff that sat us, served it, etc.  Then they would be comical as they would quickly run around the room, throw off their aprons, and come back as "our kids" and say excuses like "sorry I'm late" lol.  To this day they are 14 & 17 and they will still do this.  Due to my daughter's internship and my son's baseball we just might have to bend and celebrate on a different day to accommodate their restaurant.… (4 comments)