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Hi I'm Chas and I love finding easy solutions to common home problems! Have you ever locked yourself out of the house? We’ve all done it. Today we’re going to talk about some key-hiding hacks.

First, though, know what you should NOT do:

Don’t hide your key underneath your welcome or door mat, and don’t hide your key underneath your flower pot. Don’t put it in your mailbox.

Instead try these:

1. Hide in Fake Dog Poo

For this first hack, grab some insulation spray foam. After creating the desired shape, paint it (I used Apple Barrel burnt umber), then add the key to the bottom and place it on the ground.

2. Hide in a Metered Box

We have meters and boxes all over the walls on the outside of our home and many of them have doors that actually open. Just add a little tape or putty and hide your key inside one of these boxes. Close the door and you’re all set.

3. Hide in a Fence Cap

Depending upon what kind of fence you have you might be able to use fence caps for this hack. Remove the fence cap, add a piece of tape to a key and place it inside the fence cap.

4. Hide Under a Rock

You can also create a hiding space using a rock. Add a key to a piece of tape and put it on the bottom of a rock.

5. Hide In a Column or Siding Crack

I tied a piece of fishing line to a key. The line is almost invisible to the eye. Look for cracks and crevices in your home and hide it there with the fishing line hanging out.