13 Vacuum Cleaning Tips

13 Vacuum Cleaning Tips
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I have 13 vacuum cleaning tips to share with you!  A few things to help you clean faster, deodorize, and take care of your vacuum cleaner.

Clean Your Vacuum Roller –

Rollers get hair, strings, and other things caught around them.

When you’re done cleaning, cut the strings with a scissors.

Next, pull them right off your roller.

You’re vacuum is clean and ready to go.

Deodorize Your Carpet –

Baking soda is a great deodorizer. Sprinkle it onto your carpet and let it stand for 30 minutes.

Once the time has past, vacuum as usual.

Easy Dusting –

No need for chemicals and special cloths when it comes to dusting. Just add your brush attachment to your vacuum and suck up all of that dust.

Dust & Clean Art, Wall Hangings, Pictures. Light Switches, Thermostats, Doors, and more –

Use the brush attachment and vacuum off all the dust off of those items.

Clean Baseboards without Breaking Your Back –

Add the brush attachment to your hose or better yet the long neck of your vacuum cleaner and suck the dust right off of your baseboards.

Clean Lampshades –

Using the brush attachment, vacuum off your lampshades to keep them dust free.

Clean Insides of Glass Shades –

Using the brush attachment vacuum not only dust, but the bugs that sometimes fall inside those glass shades.

Find Lost Items –

Place a nylon or tight over the end of the hose and add a rubber band to secure it. Place your vacuum hose in the area, crease, hard to reach space where you lost your item. The vacuum sucks it up, and the nylon/tight holds it into place so you can grab it.

Clean Your Couch and Other Hard To Reach Places –

Use your crevice tool on your vacuum and easily clean under cushions, in between cracks, and get to hard to reach places.

You can find more on couch cleaning here –

How To Deep Clean Your Couch

How To Deep Clean Your Leather Couch

Remove Carpet Indents –

Place an ice cubes in the indents in carpet where furniture use to be. As the ice cubes melt the carpet will fluff back up.

Safely Clean Computers, TVs, and Other Electronics –

Using the brush attachment on your vacuum, suck up dust on your keyboards, clean screens, etc.

Clean Your Blinds –

Using the brush attachment, vacuum the dust right off those blinds.

Freshen Your Air While You Vacuum –

Add drops of essential oil to your filter or bag. As you vacuum the air coming out will freshen your room.

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