8 Ways To Use Rubber Bands

8 Ways To Use Rubber Bands
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Rubber bands are great for closing things and keeping things together.  I have a few other useful ideas on how to use rubber bands in your home.

For these ideas you’ll need rubber bands in a variety of sizes and widths. I found mine at Dollar Tree.

Keep A Shower Caddy From Slipping –

If you have a shower caddy that keeps slipping down, wind a rubber band around the neck of the shower head and it’ll hold that caddy in place.

Open A Tough Jar –

Put a wider rubber band around the lid of a jar, and it will help you open those tough jars.

Keep A Lid On A Casserole Dish –

Place your lid onto your casserole dish, and use a rubber band to hold the lid down onto the handles. This will keep your lid stable during transport.

Stop Your Cutting Board From Slipping –

Place a rubber band on either end of your cutting board and it’ll help hold the cutting board still while you’re working on it.

Stop A Door From Slamming –

Hook a wide rubber band around one handle, crisscross the rubber band and hook the other onto the other handle. This will slow down the door when it gets closed so it doesn’t slam.

Keep Clothes On Hangers –

Put rubber bands on either end of a hanger, then put your clothing onto the hanger.

It keeps tank tops in place as well as short and long sleeve t-shirts that are prone to slipping off.

Efficient Packing –

Roll up t-shirts, pants, etc and hold them into place with a rubber band. It’ll help you be organized and get more into your suitcases.

Hold Your Stemware In Place –

Use a long rubber band by looping it through on one side of your dishwasher, pulling it across the stemware, and hooking it on to the dishwasher via edge or prong.

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