Easy Slow Cooker Enchilada Stew
I love my Crock-pot!  I have had friends call me the Crock-pot queen.  If I can figure out how to make something in a Crock-pot, I will.  In the summertime and I don't know about you but I don't usually want to run my oven if I don't have to and I love using my Crock pot then.  During the school year I'm always running kids everywhere as well as working, etc so I love my Crock-pot to have meals ready when we need them.  Today I 'm sharing Crock-pot Enchilada Stew!… (10 comments)

Our Favorite Taco Salad
Growing up in Minnesota my mom would make taco salad for dinner.  I loved it so much that I have brought it into my home where we eat it quite frequently.  You can adjust it any way you want to your liking, and there is one secret ingredient inside of this recipe that makes in my favorite.… (12 comments)