4 Easy and Inexpensive Small Laundry Room Hacks

Hi! I'm Chas and I love creating smart organization solutions on a budget. 


Gather  Materials

I ran to the Dollar Tree and grabbed some of these and just wait till you see my DIY laundry room organization ideas. – Baskets, Crates, or Bins – Screwdriver or drill – Command Hooks – Handled baskets – Over the door hanging rack – Over the cabinet door rack


Add More Storage Shelves

Decide where and why you need more storage. You can use crates on the wall for inexpensive shelves.


Use Baskets  & Command  Hooks

Command hooks and baskets are a quick and easy storage hack. I use them for sorting light and dark laundry.


Use Over  the Door  Hangers

It's a convenient way to store my big iron board.