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I want to help you achieve your goals, be successful, and create a home or items you love! I’ve learned a lot and know what it takes and want to share that with you. I want to hear about your dreams for your home, where you want it to go, and I want to help you achieve these goals. Here are some ways I can help – (in person or virtual options)

  • Organizing for Hire
    • Planning
    • Where do I start support
    • Questions
    • What materials to use
    • and more
  • Cleaning Help
    • How To Clean “X” support
    • Stain recommendations
    • Odor removal
    • and more
  • Project Support
    • Do you have questions about what materials to use
    • what should you do with “X”
    • I’m stuck mid project and need help
    • and more

We will connect via email or free initial Zoom so that I can understand what your goals are. Then we will schedule a phone or video consultation.

Are you ready to connect? Please fill out the form below to get started.

Please note:  Consultations can range from 30 minutes and up. The cost for a 60 minute consultation is $40 and will be prepaid by PayPal Invoice.

Retreats & Conferences for subscribers

Join me as I speak or teach at the following events, and join me for a day of shopping, crafting, and more!

  • Crafting Retreat
  • Thrift & Dollar Store Shopping Day
  • Crafting Events & Workshops
  • Mindful Retreat

You can contact me via email through this form… or email me at chas(at)chascrazycreations(dot)com

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