Why to Deep Clean and Organize Your Home

Do you want to keep a clean home?

Do you need to organize your life and home but don’t know where to start?

If you answered yes to these questions then read on. I have some helpful tried and true DIY ideas to achieve your goal.

Why is it important to organize and clean the house?

When a home is clean and organized it can make you feel physically and emotionally better. Everything is in its place and doesn’t feel like chaos. One of the great things, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune! You can pride yourself on being frugal and effective at the same time.

When cleaning your home there are amazing ways to be efficient with your time as well as minimize the chemicals in your home. Great natural products to clean your home are vinegar, baking soda, and castile soap. All of these items cost pennies to use when you clean.

How do you deep clean and organize your house?

Make sure you have a good vacuum. Vacuum first. It stirs up the dust and then it settles again.

Use only water on wood floors. A steam mop works well to disinfect and clean at the same time.

If you have tile floors mix a ratio of vinegar and water (1:10) and mop your floor.

For dusting use, damp cloth and the great thing about that is you can wash it and use it again.

Organizing is a pretty simple process. Be in the right mood. You’re going to need to get rid of some stuff and clean. If you are not feeling it, don’t try it. If you’re feeling sentimental you’ll never get started on the right foot.

Gut everything! Take it all out of the cabinets, closet, drawer, whatever you are cleaning – take it all out and start over.

Go through the mess. Decide if it’s a keep, purge, or pass on. Keep it means it’s going back in, purge means trash, and pass on means donate to a charity or another person who might need it.

Clean it. Clean out the area before putting anything back. Vacuum, dust, wash, etc.

Decide what you want it to look like when you are done. Do you need baskets, and shoe boxes, to help everything have a place and look nice? Baskets are great and you can get really nice ones at dollar stores.

Put it back together. Start putting the shoes in the shoeboxes and then on the shelf. Put the baskets in the drawers and fill them with your utensils, makeup, and more.

When you’re all done it looks cleaner, things function better, and you’ll keep your sanity.

How To DIY Garden and Lawn Care

How can I do lawn care myself?

It takes a little research and practice to learn how to care for a lawn. Just when you think you have it down, a new issue might arise. Do you have burnt spots? Do you have pests? Here you’ll find several posts that will help you along the way to care for your lawn, yard, and more.

How do I make my own vegetable garden?

I come from a long line of farmers, in fact, my grandparent’s farm became a century farm. I grew up helping on the farm, my mom had a garden she taught me to tend to, and now I have my own garden. I’ve dealt with pests, disease, bad soil, you name it. Through all of this experience, I have continued to garden and share everything I learn here.

How To DIY Home Improvement

What home improvements can I do myself?

Know your limits. If you can find instructions and know you can handle it, then you can try it. If it feels overwhelming or very costly to fix a mistake then you might want to seek help. There are several tutorials here on this website that will help you with tasks and help you decide which ones to offload.

Which home improvement should I do first?

Home improvement can be overwhelming to know where to start. Here you’ll find posts with instructions to guide you. Personal experience to share, and tutorials to help you.

What home upgrades are not worth it?

If the cost of home upgrades becomes more than what something is worth in value, then it’s not a good idea to do it. You’ll find some posts here that will help you determine if something should be done or not.

How To DIY Home Tips and Life Hacks

What is a real life hack?


A real-life hack is something you can do to make your life easier, a tip or trick that has been passed on from generation to generation. My grandpa, then my dad, and now I have all been good at figuring out easy ways to do things. Batching, breaking things down, and sharing those tips and tricks. These range from cleaning and organizing hacks to quick fixes to using one item to do many different things.

What are some DIY hacks?

Here are some examples of easy hacks you can try today!

How To Cook, Recipes and Tips

Can cooking be self-taught?

It sure can, if you can read instructions and follow a video you can cook. Some people are taught by their grandmothers, mothers, fathers, or family members, some take cooking classes, and some just learn by following instructions. Here you’ll find several easy recipes that anyone can do.

What is the easy way to cook?

Look for recipes with easy-to-find ingredients, and the fewer ingredients mean the easier it is to put together. All-in-one meals like a crock pot, instant pot, casseroles, and hotdishes are great meals to start with. Simply put all of the ingredients together and cook. Working with recipes that incorporate items that are all ready together to simplify the recipe such as using a cake box mix to make a quick bread or cookies. You don’t have to measure out each ingredient. Following a recipe to the letter or watching a video tutorial helps you become successful.

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