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Shower Curtain Hacks

Shower Curtain Hacks
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Do you have an old shower curtain and don’t know what to do with it? Here area few ideas I have come up with and wanted to share with all of you.

Covering a doorway without a door –

I have a bathroom in my home that sits right next to my bed and it has never had a door. I wanted to build some privacy that I could do myself that would be easy and inexpensive. I did this with just a tension rod and a shower curtain.

Slide the shower curtain onto your tension rod. (This shower curtain has built in shower curtain loops to hang from.)

I measured the tension rod to fit my doorway. I extended it just past the doorway for a tight fit, and I slid the tension rod into my door way. Here is what it looks like with the curtain closed.

Window Curtain –

You can use a shower curtain as a window curtain or in our case to cover these french doors that are in our home.

I hung 2 Command Hooks up on each door.

Another option would be to place the 3 Command Hooks above the door. One on either end and one in the center.

Using 2 tension rods, I placed 1 curtain on each of them.

If you were doing the above the door option you could buy a curtain rod instead.

I placed the tension rods onto the hooks and we had curtains.

Table Cloth –

Use it as a table cloth, paint drop cloth, or splat mat under a high chair.

Place Mats –

For my place mats, I used another place mat I had on hand to measure out and cut 4 rectangles of fabric.

I hot glued the edges and folded underneath to create a seam so the place mats wouldn’t fray.

I set them on my table and the great thing is that they’re waterproof.

Wall Art/Message Board –

Using the insert of my 11 x 14″ frame that I bought, I placed it on my shower curtain and cut around it.

I placed the shower curtain section in my frame.

I hung it up as wall art and it doubles as a message board. Just use a dry erase marker and wipe it off when done.

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Comments (10)

  • These are great! We have french doors going into our backyard and on more than one occasion I’ve wished we’d opted for the kind with blinds built in. Never thought to use command strips to hang curtains! You have seriously made my day! Thanks for sharing at the Oh My Heartsie Girl Wednesday Linky Party! I’m having a blast co-hosting!

    • Thank you Kaycee and I’m so glad this idea might help you too. Thank you for hosting a wonderful place for all of us to share our creations.

  • We have done the shower curtain on a doorway where the old pocked door is jammed and we haven’t figured out how to get it fixed. The bedroom belongs to our 11 year old who needs privacy but also is prone to reading too late at night. It’s working for being able to see around the edges of the curtain… if she really does have her lights out.
    The curtains are on the French doors is a great idea if you have house guests sleeping on your sofa bed. Very nice post!

  • Yes, actually I do have a shower curtain that needs a purpose, so thanks for the great ideas! At our previous house, I had my craft shelves in the main area of our basement, and I wanted to make them look better and less “cluttery.” I couldn’t find any fabric that I liked, so I bought 2 shower curtains and hung them on the fronts of the shelves. (The shelves were wire, so the curtains clipped right on!) Shower curtains are so versatile. Thanks for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things!

  • Saw your link on Creatively Crafty. Love the tablecloth and placemats idea! Thanks for sharing.

  • Never thought about the message board. Awesome idea. Thanks Chas! I’m new to your ideas but am thoroughly enjoying them so far. Thanks for sharing.


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