Super Easy Dollar Tree Pumpkin Crafts on a Budget

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Are you looking for Dollar Tree Pumpkin Crafts? I have made several that are super easy to make and can be created on a budget.

Just wait until you see what my group of friends and I have been creating to get ready for Autumn in August! You’ll see all of their projects at the end of this post.

Are you looking for Dollar Tree Pumpkin Crafts?  I have made several that are super easy to make and can be created on a budget.

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the weather, drinking hot apple cider, surround myself with the lovely cinnamon scents, and doing all of the fun fall activities. I love to surround myself with easy fall decor that can be left up for a full season.

Dollar Tree Pumpkin Crafts

I love how both of these dollar tree pumpkins turned out!

Easy and Beautiful Dollar Tree Pumpkins For Fall

Do you love Dollar Tree? I sure do and I made some easy and beautiful pumpkins for fall with a few of their pans. You can find the full tutorial at Easy and Beautiful Dollar Tree Pumpkins For Fall

What you’ll love about these crafts is that you don’t need dollar store pumpkins, faux pumpkins, or plastic pumpkins for some of them. They’re great Dollar Tree crafts with an easy tutorial. You’ll just need a few craft supplies to create this lovely home decor. These fall decor ideas are an easy way to decorate both inside and out.

Now you could stop here and leave them just like this or you can take it to the next step...


I had some old glass bottles that I had been saving for a project. With fall coming it’s the perfect time to create DIY pumpkin decor for your home. you can use these as-is, turn them into candle holders, or even add some solar lights. The full tutorial can be found at DIY Pumpkin Decor Using A Glass Bottle

Pumpkin Crafts


I’m a seasonal decorator and I love making things that I get to leave up for 3 months at a time.  This glitter pumpkin is one of my favorite decorations, it is inexpensive and super easy to make. Great for kids, girls’ night out, party favors, etc. You can find the full tutorial at Super Easy Glitter Pumpkin Craft

Pumpkin Crafts


Have you seen the wine glasses turned into pumpkin candle holders?  I have and I’ve been wanting to give them a try.  I finally did it, for our Thanksgiving table!  They are really easy and inexpensive to make. I think they’d make a great thing to sell at a craft fair too. You can find the full tutorial at Wine Glasses to Pumpkin Candles

I decided to keep mine outside and added solar lights to them.


Do you have a bunch of vases on hand? Try these couple repurposed ideas – ghost & pumpkin vases This pumpkin I actually made a solar light and you can find the full tutorial at Pumpkin Crafts with repurposed vases, plus you won’t want to miss the ghost too!

When the season is over, put the toilet paper away, fold up your fabric, and put it along with your sticks and leaves into storage. That's it. Great project for kids parties, mom's night out, party favors, etc. If you make one I'd love to see yours!


These pumpkins are easy for anyone including kids to make. They are a useful item (hides toilet paper), and they pack away nicely at the end of the season. You can find the full tutorial at Easy Fabric Pumpkin Crafts

What I love about this project is that you could create these for ever season. You can remove the stuffing from one pillow and put it in the new one. This will also make storing the pillow covers super easy as they'll be flat.

Easy No Sew Fall Pillow

I was on one of my trips to the dollar store when I found some super cute placemats. Inspiration struck – easy no sew fall pillows! You can find the full tutorial at Easy No Sew Fall Pillow

Plug in and you're done.


All you need are Dollar Tree foam pumpkins and there are so many ways to have fun with it! Easy styrofoam pumpkin project – great for kids, girls’ night out, Halloween parties, party favors, etc. Could easily be amended for a simple fall or Thanksgiving decoration as well. To find these fun and easy tutorials hop on over to 3 Ways to Have Fun with a Dollar Tree pumpkin crafts

Easy pumpkin Candle craft


Make this super easy candle craft for Halloween. It’s easy and inexpensive! Great for kids and adults, parties, party favors, etc. Make them and sell them to earn a little extra cash before the holidays. Find the full tutorial at Easy pumpkin Candle craft

We packed some of these up and put them in pumpkin buckets and hot chocolate mix, pumpkin spice tea, and treats. We "Booed" the neighbors with them. We will probably make these at our kids Halloween party this year.


You’ll need a mug – can be a re-purposed mug or a new one from Dollar Tree, Walmart, etc. These cost $1 to make and they are great for classroom parties with kids, party favors, or make them and sell them! Find the full tutorial at Easy Pumpkin Mug Craft

This was my first featured post with Hometalk!  Something we had done every year for fun, I decided to share it with the world.  Fun for the whole family, have fun with some basic window clings. My family had the best time making these. We save them year after year, and we make new ones every year. Put them in the house - windows, mirrors, or put them in your car.


Something we had done every year for fun, I decided to share it with the world.  Fun for the whole family, have fun with some basic window clings. My kids LOVE this activity. Now that they’re older they giggle and laugh when we get them out and put them up at home. Find the full tutorial at Window Cling Pumpkin Crafts

Bud Vase Pumpkins


Change a simple bud vase into a pumpkin or ghost. An easy project for kids too! All you need is a little paint and some markers. This costs so little to make and everyone has so much fun with it. Find the full tutorial at Bud Vase Pumpkins

I was at the dollar store and found these super cute wooden pieces for Halloween. With a little dye I turned them into a fun Halloween Countdown Calendar


How many days till Halloween? With a little dye and paint, I created a fun Halloween Countdown Calendar with items from Dollar Tree. Kids will love this project and it’s fun to create with them as well. You can find the full tutorial here at How Many Days Till Halloween Easy Dollar Tree Craft

These easy craft projects all give a beautiful end result. Find the pumpkin tutorial and make a DIY Dollar Tree pumpkin that speaks to you. Get in the fall spirit and create your fall crafts and use fall inspiration to decorate your front porch, and put seasonal decor around your lovely home.

Go on a shopping spree at your local thrift store. You can find that farmhouse charm you’ve been looking for, or perhaps create an elegant DIY that gives you that aged look without the extra cost.

Supplies can be found at the craft store or sometimes the dollar store in the craft section.

Dollar Tree Pumpkin Crafts videos

fall blog hop

Welcome if you’re coming from Andrea. I love her awesome napkin ring, so cute! Next hop on over to my friend Chloe’s Dollar Tree Home Decor. I know you’ll love it. Make sure to go down the list and check out all of these fantastic fall projects.

Shop any of these stores and I receive a small commission at no cost to you.

Click on the images below to shop some of my favorite fall items.

Are you looking for Dollar Tree Pumpkin Crafts? I have made several that are super easy to make and can be created on a budget.

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