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Easy Halloween Light Up Ghost Craft! (2 Options)

Easy Halloween Light Up Ghost Craft! (2 Options)
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Make this super easy light up ghost craft for Halloween. Its easy and inexpensive! Great for kids and adults, parties, party favors, etc.
You will need:
Ping Pong ball
Flicker light/battery operated tea light
Black permanent marker
Elmer’s Glue
Gauze pads
Razer Blade – or something to cut with.


Cut an “X” in the bottom of the ping pong ball. This step is not for kids – I prepped this part for the class parties. You could try to have kids cut with something else like scissors, or a poke it with an ice pick.
Put the ping pong ball on the flicker candle/battery operated tea light.
Use the marker to draw a face on the ping pong ball.
Put glue in a dish
You can use straight glue or add a little bit of water if desired.
Unfold the gauze pad.
Emerge the gauze in the glue. Get it coated thoroughly, and then squeeze out excess.
Place the glue coated gauze on the ping pong ball ghost. I recommend putting the ghost and gauze on wax paper for easy removal later.
Shape the gauze over the ghost to your desired shape. Let dry completely.
The gauze will harden when it dries, and then you can move it where ever you want.
Turn on the battery operated tea light and enjoy!


Another option we have had fun with at our house is to just color the ping pong ball – my daughter made Jack Skellington. You could color it orange and make a pumpkin, an eye ball, etc. The possibilities are endless.
They make great party crafts or favors, and gifts.

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