Easy and Spooky DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Decorations on a Budget

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Are you looking for DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Decorations?

Halloween is my favorite holiday! If you asked me why I would say because I love the excuse to sip hot apple cider, turn on candles, (yes, eat candy – lol), and reminisce about childhood memories of dressing up as what I wanted to be when I grew up (Wonder woman), as well as watch my kids do the same, bake and eat anything pumpkin/pumpkin spice, and all the fun activities there are. You better bet my home will be decorated by October 1st!

Are you looking for DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Decorations?  Here are several easy and spooky DIYs that you can make on a budget.

With a little creativity and a few craft supplies or dollar store supplies you can make so many inexpensive Halloween decorations. Halloween is the perfect time to turn your dollar store finds into the best Halloween decorations. You can use these Halloween craft ideas for a Halloween party or decorate your front door, front yard, or front porch during this spooky season. I wanted to share some easy Halloween decorations I have been working on with all of you!

DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Decorations

Make A Potion Jar Halloween Decoration

Using a recycled bottle I added a glass “tattoo” that I found at the local Dollar Tree. Alternatively, you could print your own label and Mod Podge it onto your bottle or find one at the craft store.

Add some water and food coloring of your choice inside the potion bottles. You can leave it at that or add a Bottle Light on top for added glow. I love these bottle lights as they are rechargeable by plugging them via USB plug. You can find the bottle lights here – USB Bottle Lights

Make A Dollar Tree DIY Mummy Jar

Using a recycled jar, I hot glued on 2 google eyes, then I used hot glue to attach the gauze to the jar, wound it around the jar, and hot glued the other end once it was fully covered. Add a battery operated tea light and he’s ready to glow.

Make A Trash Bag Cobweb –

Trash bag cobwebs are one of those diy projects that won’t cost a lot of money and with the best part is with just a little bit of time you will have a giant, spooky cobweb to put in the window. Fold the corner of the bottom up to the top of the trash bag and using a pair of scissors cut off the extra to make a square. Cut all the sides open but leave them stacked as this will make 2 cobwebs.

Fold your trash bag similar to when you make paper snowflakes. Folding 1 triangle, then another until you have folded it to your desired amount. I folded it about 4 times. I placed a piece of tape on the open end to hold it steady as I cut the other side like this shape in the picture to make the cobweb shape.

Open it up and pull it apart as it will make 2 cobwebs. Place one end on your window and I used a piece of tape to hold it to the window molding. Spread the cobweb out onto your window and the rest of mine held in place purely by static electricity. You could go the extra mile and add plastic spiders.

Recycled Jug Ghosts Halloween Decoration

Draw faces on one side or your recycled jug with a permanent marker. The little guys will have so much fun doing this. *Dry erase markers work great for younger kids with this project!

Cut a hole with a scissors or box cutter on the opposite side. Place a strand of white lights into the hole. If you are making more than, one like me, you string them into the holes across the back of all of them.

Plug them in and they’re ready.

Can Lanterns –

I spray painted my pop cans with black paint and then sprayed them with Glitter Blast and let them dry. *Alternatively you could cut the can first and then spray paint it second. I might suggest this option over the way I did it as some of the spray paint scratched as I was cutting the can.  

Use a box cutter and cut slits from the top of the can down to the bottom. I did about a 1/2 in with this one, but I tried different widths with my other cans. You can pick what’s right for you.

Carefully push the top of the can down, and pull out the slit sides so that they bow out. Slide in a battery operated LED light, and hang with ornament hooks by using the pop tab on top.

Here you can see the mummy jar and potion jar lit up.

You can find my pumpkin tutorial here – Repurpose Jars and Bottles For Halloween Fun!  

Terra Cotta Pumpkin Solar Lights –

I use these to light up my walkway during Halloween. You can find the tutorial here –

Flower Pot To Solar Pumpkin

Vases Repurposed to Solar Ghosts –

you can find the full tutorial here –Repurposed Vases to Glowing Ghosts


DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Decorations Video


To see my Easy Halloween Decor video with Hometalk click here!


What are some other items you can grab at your local dollar store to celebrate in case don’t have time to make Dollar Tree Halloween Crafts?

  • candle holders or ghost candles
  • glow sticks
  • giant spiders
  • Halloween candles, tea lights, red candles, white candles
  • plastic skulls or styrofoam skulls
  • creepy cloth
  • Dollar store Halloween decorations
  • cheap Halloween decorations
  • plastic pumpkin
  • Halloween-themed wreath
  • creepy skeletons
  • fairy lights
  • spooky bush eyes
  • and craft supplies for your favorite DIY like construction paper, wax paper

Shop any of these stores and I receive a small commission at no cost to you.

Are you looking for DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Decorations? Here are several easy and spooky DIYs that you can make on a budget.

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  1. These ideas are so cute & easy to make. Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday.

    1. Thank you so much Jenny and thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. I love all of your ideas. Holiday decor doesn’t have to cost a fortune! The terra cotta solar light pumpkins are darling!

    1. Thank you so much Candice, and I totally agree. Some of my favorite holiday decor are things I found at thrift stores, garage sales, and things I’ve made. Have a great week!

    1. Thank you so much Richella and thanks for the feature and for hosting a wonderful place for all of us to share our creations.

    1. Thank you so much Bev, I truly appreciate the feature. Thanks for always hosting a place for all of us to share our creations.

  3. These are GREAT ideas. LOVE THEM…amazing how simply fantastic those milk jugs are! Thank you for sharing at last week’s RTT party. We’d love to have you visit this week: http://www.jodiefitz.com/

    It’s open all week long. xo

    1. Thanks Jodie, Thank you so much for hosting a place for all of us to share our ideas.

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