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Easy Fabric Pumpkins!

Easy Fabric Pumpkins!
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These pumpkins are easy for anyone including kids to make. They are a useful item (hides toilet paper), and they pack away nicely at the end of the season.

For years now I have been making these tp pumpkins. I originally found the article in Disney’s Family Fun Magazine (I saved the article). I have made some moderations to mine…

You’ll need:
1 roll of toilet paper for each pumpkin you’re going to make.
Fabric of your choice
Something for the stem – the original project uses a paper bag, I upgraded to a stick.
Leaves & vine made of felt and pipe cleaner. I think I’ll eventually will upgrade mine to some fake leaves.

My fabric measures 17″x 22″. I just cut it, and I didn’t do anything to the ends. I have made these for over 15 years now, and I haven’t have had too much unraveling happen in that time.

Put your toilet paper in the center of the fabric.

Start by tucking in a corner.

Working your way around the toilet paper, keep stuffing in the fabric creating your desired look.

This is what mine looked like after tucking the fabric into the middle.

Add your stem. I used a stick/branch, but you can used a rolled up piece of brown paper bag as the original suggests.

Cut a leave shape out of the felt. Make a circle with the pipe cleaner to go around the stem. For the spiral – wrap the pipe cleaner around a pencil.

Hot glue the other half of the pipe cleaner to the front of the leaf.

Slide the leaf onto the stem and you’re done.

When the season is over, put the toilet paper away, fold up your fabric, and put it along with your sticks and leaves into storage. That’s it. Great project for kids parties, mom’s night out, party favors, etc. If you make one I’d love to see yours!

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