A Dollar Store Pumpkin – 3 Ways to Have Fun!

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All you need is one pumpkin and there are so many ways to have fun with it! Easy project – great for kids, girls night out, Halloween parties, party favors, etc. Could easily be amended for a simple fall or Thanksgiving decoration as well.

You’ll need a pumpkin – mine came from the Dollar Tree

Using a pumpkin cutting tool or knife – cut a hole in the back.

Make a design on your pumpkin – for mine I wrote the word fall. I then used an ice pick but you could use a screwdriver as well to poke holes.

Put a strand of mini lights in the hole in the back. (Mine are a 20 count pack of lights from the Dollar Tree.)

Plug in and you’re done.

My son’s made this one, he used a pumpkin carving tool and made a pumpkin face on his.

Now on to pumpkin #2

I used Waverly Chalk Paint in the color Ink.   Paint the whole pumpkin and let dry completely.

Get some chalk and have some fun. You can wipe of the chalk by taking a damp paper towel and lightly wiping. Let it dry completely and the create new faces. Great for kids. If you are going to be changing it a lot, you might want to use true Chalkboard paint.

Now onto pumpkin #3

Instead of using the chalk – you can use thumbtacks to make pictures on your pumpkin.

This project is easy, versatile, and fun. Great for parties! As I mentioned above – change it up and and used it as a Thanksgiving, or just a fall decoration too.

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  1. Love these! So easy and fun for kids. I think my fav is the thumb tack one!

  2. Great idea! We have a Dollar Tree and 99cents store here. These might be better options for us because even the little kids can do them, like the paint and tacks, without all the gooey inside pumpkin mess! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Janice. My kids love making them, hope yours do too!

  3. These are so cute! My grandkids would love the chalk painted pumpkin; they could decorate it over and over again! Thanks for sharing at Party in Your PJ’s. I’ve pinned and shared.

    1. Thank you so much Teresa for the share and pin 🙂 My kids love making all kinds of faces – makes me laugh the fun things they come up with.

  4. New and different ideas for decorating pumpkins to last a long time. Found you on Bloggers Spotlight

    1. Thank you so much Katherine, and thanks for having a place for us to share our ideas.

  5. I love your quick ideas for holiday projects! Thank you for sharing with us at Designing You!

    1. Thank you so much Trudy. I do like quick and easy projects – makes me happy to squeeze a little fun into a busy day.

  6. These are so wonderful ! I love them both and featuring when my party opens up tonight!

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much Carol! I truly appreciate it!

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