Creative Foam Pumpkin Craft Ideas for Fall Decorating

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Discover a plethora of imaginative foam pumpkin craft ideas perfect for adding a festive touch to your autumn decor. From elegant designs to kid-friendly crafts, explore unique ways to transform foam pumpkins into charming seasonal accents.

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All you need is one styrofoam pumpkin and there are so many ways to have fun with it! These easy crafts are great for kids, girls night out, Halloween parties, party favors, etc. Pumpkin crafts aren’t just for Halloween, these easy tutorials can be adapted for fall or Thanksgiving decorations as well.

Creative Foam Pumpkin Craft Ideas for Fall Decorating

How do you decorate a Styrofoam pumpkin?

Luminous Delight Foam Pumpkin Craft Idea

Materials List

  1. Pumpkin carving tool or knife
  2. Mini lights (20-count pack) or battery-operated lights

You’ll need a pumpkin – mine came from the Dollar Tree but you can find foam pumpkins at Hobby Lobby, Joann or any craft store

Use a pumpkin cutting tool or knife to carve a hole at the back.

Design your pumpkin – whether it’s a charming word like ‘fall’ or any other creative pattern. Employ an ice pick or screwdriver to create holes following your design.

Insert a strand of mini lights (20-count pack) into the back hole. Battery-operated lights are an option too.

Plug in your creation and enjoy the illuminated beauty.

My son got involved too – he crafted his own using a pumpkin carving tool to carve a playful pumpkin face.

If you don’t like using string lights you could put battery operated fairy lights or a tea light inside.

Chalkboard Elegance Foam Pumpkin Craft Ideas

Materials List

  1. Waverly Chalk Paint in “Ink” or an alternative paint of your choice
  2. Chalk or chalk markers
  3. Damp paper towels

Opt for Waverly Chalk Paint in “Ink” or even spray paint the pumpkin entirely. Allow it to dry thoroughly.

Get some chalk and have some fun. You can wipe off the chalk by taking a damp paper towel and lightly wiping. Let it dry completely and then create new faces.

Great for kids Halloween crafts. If you are going to be changing it a lot, you might want to use true Chalkboard paint.

Tack-Style Artistry

This project takes the above foam pumpkin craft and instead of chalk, uses thumbtacks.

Materials List

  1. Thumbtacks

For a unique twist, skip the chalk and reach for thumbtacks. Create intricate designs, patterns, or even images by placing thumbtacks into the pumpkin’s surface.

This project is easy, versatile, and fun. Great for parties! As I mentioned above – change it up and and used it as a Thanksgiving, or just a fall decoration too.

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Check out some of my other pumpkin projects!

How do you decorate a styrofoam pumpkin?

You can carve them just like a regular pumpkin or paint them.

More Foam Pumpkin Craft Ideas and Q & A

Carving Fake Pumpkins

How do you carve a fake carvable pumpkin? Can you carve a foam pumpkin with an exacto knife?

There is a simple way to carve your fake pumpkins. No power tools, or hot knives are needed. I bought this 4 pack of serrated knives from Dollar Tree as I didn’t want to use any of my good knives on the pumpkins. (I actually tried a pumpkin carving kit knife first and that did not work.) You can find the full tutorial at Carving Fake Pumpkins

Do you want an easy pumpkin craft idea? Turn foam pumpkins into a cute deer that you can keep up year-round with just a few simple changes.

What can I do with foam pumpkins?

Do you want an easy pumpkin craft idea? This is one of my favorite pumpkin crafts. It is a great way to turn a foam pumpkin into a cute deer that you can keep up year-round with just a few simple changes. You can let your imagination run wild with fun ideas to turn these adorable pumpkins into other fun animals appropriate for any time of year. This is a fun craft for kids of all ages and the entire family, but keep little hands clear when using the knife, let an adult do the cutting. You can find the full tutorial at Cute and Easy Pumpkin Craft Idea Deer with Video

Not only can I use these for Thanksgiving this year, but I'll be able to use them all fall for any celebration - Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! Happy Holidays everyone!

Turn a fake pumpkin into a beverage dispenser for the holidays. It’s easy, and reusable. Fake Pumpkin Beverage Dispenser

Dollar Tree Fabric-Covered Foam Pumpkin

  • Remove any tags or stickers from the foam pumpkin. This will give you a clean canvas to work with.
  • Lay out your Dollar Tree fabric and place the foam pumpkin on top. Make sure you have enough fabric to cover the pumpkin entirely.
  • Use scissors or an Xacto knife to cut the stem out and it will reveal that the center is hollow.
  • Pull the fabric up around the pumpkin, tucking it into the center. Create gathers and folds for texture.
  • Find a stick from your yard that suits the size of your pumpkin. Clean the stick and let it dry completely. Apply hot glue to one end of the stick and insert it into the top of the pumpkin, creating a rustic stem.

You can find the full tutorial for this project and several other fabric foam pumpkins over at: Crafting Delightful DIY Fabric Pumpkins for Fall Decor

If you like this project you might like my friend Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate’s yarn pumpkins. She uses scissors to dig out the center, and then threads chunky yarn around the outside. You can find the full tutorial on her blog DIY Yarn Pumpkins – The Perfect Craft for Movie Night

You can have so much fun with dollar store pumpkins! Here are some more fun ideas you can create with these Dollar Tree pumpkins:

Discover a plethora of imaginative foam pumpkin craft ideas perfect for adding a festive touch to your autumn decor.

These projects are not only simple and enjoyable but also versatile. They’re ideal for gatherings, allowing you to adapt them for different occasions. As previously mentioned, transform your foam pumpkin masterpiece from a Halloween centerpiece to a Thanksgiving delight effortlessly. With these craft ideas, the fun knows no bounds.

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  1. Love these! So easy and fun for kids. I think my fav is the thumb tack one!

  2. Great idea! We have a Dollar Tree and 99cents store here. These might be better options for us because even the little kids can do them, like the paint and tacks, without all the gooey inside pumpkin mess! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Janice. My kids love making them, hope yours do too!

  3. These are so cute! My grandkids would love the chalk painted pumpkin; they could decorate it over and over again! Thanks for sharing at Party in Your PJ’s. I’ve pinned and shared.

    1. Thank you so much Teresa for the share and pin 🙂 My kids love making all kinds of faces – makes me laugh the fun things they come up with.

  4. New and different ideas for decorating pumpkins to last a long time. Found you on Bloggers Spotlight

    1. Thank you so much Katherine, and thanks for having a place for us to share our ideas.

  5. I love your quick ideas for holiday projects! Thank you for sharing with us at Designing You!

    1. Thank you so much Trudy. I do like quick and easy projects – makes me happy to squeeze a little fun into a busy day.

  6. These are so wonderful ! I love them both and featuring when my party opens up tonight!

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much Carol! I truly appreciate it!

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