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Easy Halloween Candle & Mug Craft

Easy Halloween Candle & Mug Craft
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Make this super easy candle craft for Halloween. Its easy and inexpensive! Great for kids and adults, parties, party favors, etc.
You’ll need:
A candle or candle holder (Mine is pumpkin pie scent and came from Dollar Tree)
A sharpie
Green Ribbon ($1 at Walmart)


You can take the label off or simply use the back side of the candle to draw on.
Draw a pumpkin face of your choice.
Tie the green ribbon on top and you’re done.
I hosted a mom’s movie morning last year and everyone took home one of these candles as a party favor.
Now onto the mugs…
  • You’ll need a mug – can be a re-purposed mug or a new one from Dollar Tree, Walmart, etc.
    Use a sharpie to draw a face on your mug.


    Put it in a cold oven.
    Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Turn off the oven and let the mug cool completely in the oven.
    Hand wash for best results.
    We also made a ghost with a plain white mug. You can have a lot of fun with this project.
    We packed some of these up and put them in pumpkin buckets and hot chocolate mix, pumpkin spice tea, and treats. We “Booed” the neighbors with them. We will probably make these at our kids Halloween party this year.
     I hosted a “Mom’s Movie Morning”. The ladies drank coffee, tea, or hot apple cider out of them while watching the movie. They took these home as well.
    This is the back to the mugs above.
    Great any time of year – this winter you can make snowmen mugs.

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