No Sew Outdoor Pillows With Journal/Pen Pockets

No Sew Outdoor Pillows With Journal/Pen Pockets
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I’m so excited to share with you my repurposed shower curtain & jeans into outdoor pillows with a journal and pen pockets! This easy no sew project is perfect for any age and makes a great gift idea!

I found a shower curtain at a thrift store. I wanted to use it as it would be waterproof and protect the pillow I would be putting inside. Your pillow case size depends on the pillow insert you’ll be using. I placed my pillow on top of the shower curtain and cut it to be a few inches larger than the pillow on all sides.

I hot glued 3 of the 4 sides together. You could sew this if you like or iron fuse the fabric together.

I measured adhesive hook and loop fasteners on the last opening.

I peeled off the backing of the adhesive and placed it inside the opening of the pillow case.

Now I can open and close the pillow case to take it off and clean it when it needs it.

My daughter had out grown these jeans but I loved the butterfly pocket so I decided to use it. I cut out both pockets, and these would become the pen & pencil holders.

I cut off the bottom of the 2 legs. Once the legs were cut off, I cut them open, laid them flat, and then cut on either side of the seams. This would be come the journal pocket.

I placed the pockets on the pillow case where I wanted them to go.

I hot glued the pocket on 3 sides to the shower curtain and left the top side open.

I glued the larger journal pocket on 3 sides leaving the top side open.

I put my pillow inside the case and pressed it closed.

I added a journal to the bottom pocket, and a pen and pencil to the top. You could add color pencils and an art pad if you like as well.

Here they are setting outside. I made 2 of them, the plain pocket one is for my son.

Here is my daughter outside enjoying hers, and she loves to journal.

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Comments (8)

  • What a great idea & perfect for your daughter!

  • Just wanted to tell you how so very much I am enjoying your site! You have such great ideas and easily “do-able” for those of us who think we could never do that!!! Thank you and will be looking forward to seeing more ideas in my e-mail!!!

    • You are so sweet Karolyn, thank you so much. I am so pleased you are enjoying my crazy creations, and thank you for being part of my blog family 🙂

  • Chas, I just love your “crazy creations.” This is a great one! What a good idea to use the pocket and legs from an old pair of jeans. And you’re brilliant to use an old shower curtain for waterproof fabric!

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I’m featuring you this week!

    • Thank you so much Richelle and I’m so glad you like the project. Thank you for the feature and for hosting a wonderful place for all of us to share our creations 🙂

  • What a lovely way to use a pretty jeans pocket. We have some outdoor cushions but they are not waterproof so I do have to try to remember to bring them in! This is such a good idea.

    • Thank you very much Julie. I have some pillows that aren’t as well, and that is one my my reasons for making these for the kids.


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