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Super Easy Glitter Pumpkin

Super Easy Glitter Pumpkin
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I’m a seasonal decorator and I love making things that I get to leave up for 3 months at a time.  This glitter pumpkin is one of my favorite decorations, it is inexpensive, and super easy to make. Great for kids, girls night out, party favors, etc.

You’ll need:
Glass Jar (Dollar Tree)
Pledge Floor Care Finish (Walmart)
Q-tips (Walmart or Dollar Tree)
Orange Glitter (Hobby Lobby)
Brown Acrylic Paint (Walmart)
Fake leaves (Dollar Tree)
Cork (Michaels)
Flicker Candle (Dollar Tree) – optional
Hot Glue Gun


Pour the Pledge into the glass jar.

Put the lid on and swirl the Pledge all over the glass. (I put wax paper under the lid to keep the lid dry.)

Pour the extra Pledge back into the jar.

Use the q-tips to get rid of any bubbles.

Pour glitter into the glass jar.

Put the lid on, and shake the glitter all over the jar. (I put wax paper under the lid.)

Use brown acrylic paint to paint the lid. I added a little metallic copper acrylic paint to the brown to give it a little extra shimmer. Let dry completely.

Glue on your fake leaves (or you could use real ones), and cork (you wouldn’t have to buy a cork – you could use one from bottle.) onto the lid.

Optional – Add a battery operated tealight.

That’s it, super easy and fun. If you make one, I’d love to see it. Just simply add a photo to the comments section below. Happy Fall Y’all!

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