Kid’s Classroom Valentine’s Day Party

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For 10 years I was the room parent in my kid’s classroom that put together the classroom parties.  At one point I was recruited on to the PTO as Room Parent Coordinator.  Today I’m going to let you in on some secrets that led to some fantastic classroom Valentine’s Day Parties.

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Food – let’s face it the kids are going to get a lot of candy with their Valentine’s and they don’t really need anymore sweets.  I opted for pizza and bottled water.  It was a HUGE hit both with the kids and teachers.  I figured a slice a kid – as it was only a snack and not supposed to be their lunch.



Crafts – Most of this party will involve opening Valentine’s and talking with their peers.  It’s good to have a couple crafts on hand.  Here are a couple of mine…

Let’s start with the Valentine Holder – Fold 2 paper plates in 1/2.  You can use these plain ones so that the kids can decorate them with stickers, markers, etc, or you can use some Valentine plates.

Place the paper plates together to look like this and stable the bottom corner together.  Then staple the top on each side together.

Use a hole punch and make a hole on the outside edges on opposite sides.  Cut a piece of string and tie it to each hole.

Let the kids decorate them and hang them up for the kids to place their Valentine’s in them and they transport home easy as well

Next let’s do the Valentine Card Display

Cut several pieces of string, yarn, or ribbon about … and tie or glue a paper clip to either end.  You’ll need enough paper clips as the number of kids in the classroom, and 1/2 that number in strings.

Loop the yarn around a hanger

Have the kids place their Valentine’s in the paper clips to complete the display.  You can vary the lengths of the string so that the Valentine’s hang at different levels for display.

One last idea for today – A Packet of mazes, word searches, cross words, etc  Here is the website I often used… DLTK Kid’s Growing Together

My biggest winning secret …. if you’re in a cold climate RESERVE THE GYM!  If you’re lucky to live in a warm climate – the playground!  Exercise is good for their “hearts”.  Here are a few games we played…


  • Hug Tag – It’s just like Freeze Tag – you select several kids (yes several gives more an opportunity) to be “it” and they run around tagging their friends.   Once tagged they are frozen until they are hugged by another peer.  Okay I know what you’re thinking, they won’t want to hug right?  Wrong, I explained it as “distance hugging” is okay.  Tap your hands on your friend’s shoulder and say the word hug and they’re free.  All the students through 5th grade played.  Give it a couple minutes.  Stop the game and select new kids to be “it” and do this until everyone has had a turn.


  • Eat Your Words – This game is like charades.  Kids will draw a candy heart and they need to act out what their candy heart says.  Others guess.  You can do this in small groups if you like.  Everyone gets a turn.


  • Balloon Volleyball – This game can be done in the classroom or in the gym.  If in the classroom, tell the kids they have to stay in their seats and put out several balloons in the air and tell them to keep it off the ground.  If you are in the gym, it’s basically just keeping the volleyball off the ground.  The more balloons the more fun to be had.


  • Paper Airplanes – Make paper airplanes, decorate them, and have them fly them.


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  1. Such fun ideas! They almost – almost make me wish I had young kids in school. LOL (JK, My youngest is 38 so it’s not going to happen!)

    1. Thanks Linda, me too – I would love to be a kid again. Maybe we can have an adult version, I would totally go for that!

      1. Hahaha! That would be fun! My hubby is planning to take me out to dinner on V Day. He gave me a few choices for a restaurant. That’s my “adult version” LOL

        1. That sounds like a pretty good adult version 🙂

    1. Thank you Sue and thanks for hosting a place everyone can share their creations.

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