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Repurpose Jars & Bottles for Halloween Fun!

Repurpose Jars & Bottles for Halloween Fun!
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It’s easy to make festive decor from recycled bottles and jars! Repurpose and upcycle them into pumpkins, mummies, and ghosts. This is a great to do with kids or crafting party. These make great gifts & party favors as well!

I’m going to start with the orange bottle you see here in the picture. I got this at Dollar Tree a few years back and was looking for a new way to use it.

I grabbed a sharpie and made a face on the bottle.
You’ll see how I light him up at the end…
I have 2 coffee syrup bottles but you can use any bottles you like. Start by spreading Mod Podge on the bottles one at a time.
On one bottle attach white tissue paper to the glass bottle.
On the other bottle Mod Podge on orange tissue paper.
You can use a large piece to attach to the bottle or small square size for a more stain glass effect.
Once you have all the initial Mod Podge and tissue paper on your bottles. Coat the bottle with a layer of Mod Podge on top and let dry completely.
Once they are completely dry, use a sharpie and draw faces onto the bottles.
If you want to protect the bottles further – after the marker dries completely, spray the bottles with acrylic sealer.
You’ll see how I light them up at the end…
For the mummy – I used a glass jar.
I hot glued on some google eyes.
I hot glued a gauze roll to the top of the jar.
I wound the gauze roll around the jar, and at the bottom cut the end of the gauze and hot glued it to the bottom.
This is how I lit each of these projects –
Mummy – tealight (or battery operated tealight)
Mod Podge Pumpkin – 20 strand of orange lights
Mod Podge Ghost – USB bottle light
Orange Bottle Pumpkin – solar light
Here they are lit up!
You can mix and match any of these ideas.

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