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Flower Pot to Solar Pumpkin

Flower Pot to Solar Pumpkin
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I love fall, Halloween, and solar lights! Every year I want to make my walkway light up for fall and especially for safety on Halloween night when the kids are out trick or treating. I have come up with a way to merge all 3 of the things I love and make it functional for Halloween evening!


You will need:
A Terra Cotta Flower Pot
A Solar Light
A Black Sharpie or Black Paint
Real or Fake Leaf/leaves

Turn your terra cotta flower pot upside down.

Place your solar light in the hole of the terra cotta pot.

Add a leaf or as many leaves as you want.  Feel free to secure it in place with some hot glue or adhesive of your choice.

Using your sharpie or paint, draw on a pumpkin face.
Recommended – spray the face after it dries with acrylic sealer to help it last longer.

You can add some pumpkin lines to the back side if you want and let that side face forward for the fall.

When it’s October, you can face the pumpkin face forward.  You have a nice lit up walkway for those trick or treaters!

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