Turn a Old Lamp Into Halloween Fun!

Turn a Old Lamp Into Halloween Fun!
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Easy project – We were given this old lamp and have turned it into a fun Halloween decor!
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You’ll need a lamp – ours was given to us, but I’m sure you could find a lamp at a thrift store or convert a current lamp you have for this project.

I took off the glass lanterns.
I found these flicker flame bulbs at Walmart in the light bulb section.

Put your bulbs in the lamp sockets.
Plug it in, and that’s it you’re done. I put ours on a timer so it would go off and on by itself.
Set it somewhere and add some decorations – have fun with it. I had contemplated trying to string it up with fish line so it would appear floating somewhere. It’s a pretty heavy lamp though.
I ended up putting ours by the front door on a table I’ll serve hot apple cider from Halloween night.

I’m sure I could alter this lamp with for Christmas too… will have to think about doing that! Happy Halloween!

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