5 Easy Upcycling Ideas for Your Garden

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Do you want upcycling ideas for your garden? Here are 5 inexpensive ways you can upcycle things for your yard.

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Add a unique touch to your yard with upcycling projects this spring. There are plenty of simpler options that won’t need much time or effort. Try repurposing old items in the home to put them to good use in the garden. You can make quirky plant pots out of just about anything. Think of creative storage ideas for a vertical garden, such as old shelves or wooden crates. You could even DIY your own bird and butterfly feeders to welcome wild visitors. Here are a few easy ideas to get you started.

Free-standing pond
You can make a free-standing pond using old household items. These include buckets, kitchen sink, garden trug, or plant pot. Any old container will do, depending on the size you want. Fill your pond with gravel and plants, but avoid dirt getting in. If you make a larger pond you can keep the water nice and clean with a Shinmaywa pond pump. A pond makes a lovely decorative feature and will also attract wildlife. There’s no need for it to be a huge project, however.

I used an old pot and added some flowers in it for my front porch.

Unique planters
Look for items around the house that you can use as plant pots. The quirkier the better. These will definitely add character to your garden. You could even decorate your plant pots for a fun family project. Here are some easy upcycled planter ideas to give you inspiration.

Hanging baskets
Why stop there? Household items can double up as hanging baskets as well. Try using mason jars for example so you can watch the roots grow from below. One of the most useful gardening tips for beginners is how to make use of vertical space. If you’ve got a more modest yard, then hanging baskets are ideal.

I then filled them with our games, puzzles, and movies and it has worked great. They're organized and out of the way, but easily accessible.

Repurposed shelves
Another great way to create storage or vertical space in your garden is with repurposed shelves. These are great for holding small plant pots and other accessories. You could either use old shelving units from your home or even DIY your own by stacking wooden crates. There are many uses for wooden crates in the garden if you’re creative enough, so keep them handy for more fun upcycling projects.

Silicone a vintage cup and plate together and let that dry. Put bird seed on the plate, water in the cup, and set it somewhere outside.

Homemade feeders

Invite local wildlife into your garden making homemade feeders. There are also plenty of creative ways to make your own bird feeder. Go through your recycling and see what you can find. You’ll soon spot some beautiful visitors coming your way.

Now that the weather is getting warmer it’s the ideal time to get creative in your yard. You can involve the whole family in your upcycling projects. Collect a few unused household items and see which ones you can repurpose into quirky garden accessories. Upcycling is the most original and eco-friendly way to decorate your yard.

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  1. Chas, I have so many of those glass plates with the cup! They have been sitting in my garage for YEARS! What a great idea to fill the plate side with seed and the cup with water. This would be perfect for my garden. Maybe that would keep the birds away from tearing at my greens! You always come up with the most interesting ideas!

    1. Thank you, Mary, and I love those dishes for so many things. I have found it does help to keep birds (and pesky squirrels) away from my garden by providing enough food for them to leave it alone.

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