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Recycled Bottle To Etched Beauty

Recycled Bottle To Etched Beauty
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Etching cream is so wonderful and easy to work with.  I took a recycled wine bottle, added a little etching cream, and turned it into a decorative bottle that we’ll use again and again.

You’ll need:

A recycled bottle with the labels removed

Self-adhesive stencils of your choice (I got mine at Dollar Tree)

Etching Cream (I used Armor Etch)

A paint brush

Rubber gloves

Start by putting yourself adhesive stencil onto your bottle. Mine went 3/4 of the way around.

On the part that remained I placed self-adhesive stencil letters and I taped off the edges with painters tape.

I put on rubber gloves to protect my hands and I coated the “water” side with the etching cream. Be sure to put it on thick.

I then coated the other stencil design with the etching cream.

I let it set for 10 minutes as per the bottle’s instructions.

I rinsed off the etching cream rubbing at it lightly under the faucet.

I then carefully peeled up the stencils and washed it again.

You can rinse off your stencils and place them back in their container as many of them are re-usable.

I dried it and you can see the design on both sides.

I love how this turned out and am excited for all we can use it for. 

Not only for serving ourselves and guest water, but also in our plants as self watering bottle.

The glass is truly etched, so it’s safe to put in the dishwasher too!

I also think this would make a great gift idea!

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