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    • blankChas says

      Thank you so much, Julie, I’m excited to be a part of the team. I’m thrilled you like the table and want to give it a try too.

  1. blankPaula@SweetPea says

    You gave new life to this cute table. The paint color and stencil that you used look great. It’s super nice that the table came with a glass top to protect your work.

  2. blankMary from Life at Bella Terra says

    Chas, this is a very thorough tutorial! I’ve stenciled floors but not furniture before. And the best tips are tapping the paint on, and making sure there is no paint on the bottom of the stencil before you move it! The table looks so good. I am inspired to now look at thrift store tables in a different light! Thank you for sharing.

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