7 Easy Garden Globes & Gazing Balls

7 Easy Garden Globes & Gazing Balls
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Garden Decor can be expensive especially those garden globes & gazing balls.  Here are 7 I have made for just a couple dollars.

Mirror Gazing Ball –

I bought a large vase/fish bowl from the thrift store for $1 and sprayed the inside with Rustoleum Mirror Effect spray paint and let that dry completely.

I turned it upside down and placed it on a plant stand I already had.

Hanging Floral Gazing/Kissing Ball –

Pull the flowers off the stems and hot glue them onto a Styrofoam ball. Add some twine to hang them from.

Hang them on garden hooks in your yard.

Gallery Glass Gazing Ball –

I found this glass sphere and a metal candle holder at the thrift store. I E6000 glued them together and let that dry. Using Plaid Gallery Glass, I dipped my finger in the paint and onto the glass.

Once the glass was coated, I let it dry completely.

Penny Gazing Ball –

I hot glued pennies all around a floral vase. I then coated the vase with Mod Podge Ultra so that the pennies would stay when the weather temperature fluctuates.

After that dried completely, I placed it on a copper pipe stand with my dish flowers. You can find more about creating dish flowers here –Garden Flowers Made From Dishes

Cement Gazing Ball –

I mixed the cement mix and water to make a “mud” consistency. I placed it in a light fixture I found at the thrift store and let it dry.

I gently broke the glass with a hammer and removed the cement ball from the glass and placed it in my yard.

Table Top Gazing Ball (with light) –

I hot glued dollar store rocks on a dollar store vase/candle holder. After all of the rocks were in place I E6000 glued between all of the rocks to make sure they’d stick in the fluctuating temperatures outside. I let that dry completely.

I placed it upside down on a flat pillar candle holder base. You can add a light inside and it’s absolutely beautiful. You can see more on this project here – Table Top Gazing Ball/Garden Globe

Solar Light Gazing Ball –

I placed a light fixture I found at a thrift store on top of a solar light. I love the way it glows at night.


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