Vintage Dishes to Bird Feeder

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All you need are a few thrift store items to create a bird feeder, and it’s easy and inexpensive to make. Guess what? If you put this near your garden, it’ll keep the birds out of it!

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You’ll need:
2 Hanging flower basket or atleast the chains from them
mini grate
Plate and cup dish set
First remove the chain from the flower baskets and attach them to the grate like this…
Silicone or E6000 your cup to your dish. Let dry completely.
Place your dish onto your grate, make sure the lips of the dish slide under the grate. If your dish seems loose you might want to glue it to the grate. mine was very snug and has with held windstorms for over a year now.
Take your free chain that was left and attach it around the cups handle.
Hang it outside on a garden hook.
You could use birdseed or water, your choice.  If you use birdseed, place it close to your garden, and keep it filled – you will have a better chance of keeping the birds out of your garden because you are providing them fresh food.

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  1. Nice job Chas! It’s amazing that you found that grate & plate that fit together perfectly.

    1. Thanks Linda, I would say it was pretty lucky too. I didn’t want to try and drill glass to put in screws and I wanted something that everyone might be able to do or build on that might be easier.

  2. Love this!!! It is so clever!
    Thanks for sharing at wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!!!
    ~Emily @

  3. A girl can never have too many bird feeders!

  4. Rosalee Hayes says:

    I am glad that I saw,that is so clever.

  5. Great idea. We love to feed the birds and watch to see the colorful visitors.

  6. I love this idea. I’ll be scouting out yard sales this week-end, I’ll be looking for old dishes to use. Thanks for sharing this clever post on Sunday’s Best.

    1. Thank you Rhonda and I’m so excited that you are inspired 🙂

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