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Easy Light Up Bunny Craft!

Easy Light Up Bunny Craft!
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Make this super easy light up bunny craft for spring. Its easy and inexpensive! Great for kids and adults, parties, party favors, etc.

You will need:
Ping Pong ball (Dollar Tree)
Flicker light/battery operated tea light (Dollar Tree)
Permanent markers
Elmer’s School Glue or hot glue
A pipe cleaner
Ribbon or Fabric
Small pom pom
Pom pom or cotton ball
Razor Blade – or something to cut with.
Screwdriver – or punch to poke a hole with.
Cut an “X” in the bottom of the ping pong ball. This step is not for kids – I prepped this part for the class parties. You could try to have kids cut with something else like scissors, or a poke it with an ice pick.
Put the ping pong ball on the flicker candle/battery operated tea light.
Cut your pipe cleaner in 1/2 and then fold each piece in 1/2.
Poke 2 holes in the top of the ping pong ball.
Place the folded pipe cleaner into the holes on the top of the ping pong ball.
Use your marker to draw a face on your ping pong ball and glue the small pom pom on as a nose.
Glue ribbon around the flicker candle and glue on a bow if desired.
Glue the cotton ball or pom pom on the back for the tail.
Let dry and your bunny is finished.
Turn him on and let him glow.



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