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Make Your Own Bunny – Fun for the Whole Family.

Make Your Own Bunny – Fun for the Whole Family.
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Making a cute bunny for spring and Easter is very simple, inexpensive, and fun. A great project that even the kids can help make and create!

This bunny was made with a dollar tree stocking cap. I made it a couple years ago. I will be doing my follow along instructions with my current stocking cap that I wear every day during the winter.

Materials Needed:

*Stocking cap hat

*2 rubberbands

*Rice, beans,

*cotton balls, polyfil for stuffing

*Pom Poms, buttons, or google eyes – something for eyes and nose

*Adhesive of your choice for the eyes and nose


*Ribbon (optional)

Instructions: 1. Put some rice in the stocking cap, and put a rubberband on top of it to close it off.

2. Put some more rice in it for a head, and put another rubber band on it to close it off again.

3. spread out the top, and cut a “v” to make the ears. (Again this is my real stocking hat so I will not be cutting it here… please reference the complete project to see this step after cut.)

4. Shape your ears on either side.

5. Add your eyes and nose. I attached mine with fabric glue, but you could use a hot glue gun or another glue of your choice.

6. Tie an optional ribbon around the neck.

My kids made these bunnies.

Happy spring everyone!

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