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Cookie Cutters to 4 Leaf Clover

Cookie Cutters to 4 Leaf Clover
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It’s very simple to take heart shaped cookie cutter’s and make them into a clover shape. Great for trivets or a decoration. This project is inexpensive and very easy to make.

You will need:
4 heart shaped cookie cutters
Hot glue gun or glue of your choice
Put a little glue near the bottom of one of the cookie cutters.
Stick 2 of the heart cookie cutters together.
Add hot glue to another cookie cutter.
Stick the third cookie cutter to the other two continuing to make a clover shape.
Add glue to both sides of the last cookie cutter.
Your clover is complete.
Use it as a trivet.
Set it up as a display, hang it up as a sun catcher, your choice.

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