Awesome and Easy Easter Yard Decor with Video

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Are you looking for Easter yard decor? With just a few items from Dollar tree, I’ll show you a super cute and easy DIY

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I made a trip to the dollar store looking for items to use for diy outdoor Easter decorations and just wait till you see what I made.

Easter Yard Decor Materials

Easter Yard Decor Materials

For this project, you need some glasses, some sort of white fuzzy ball, some adhesive vinyl, a flower basket holder, a placemat, and a centerpiece.

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Easter Yard Decor Video

1. Spray Paint the wine Glasses

Easter Yard Decor instructions

1. Spray Paint the wine Glasses

I’m going to start up with some Rust-Oleum spray paint and spray each of the glasses entirely with orange spray paint. Now that all of the glasses are painted I’m going to let them dry completely.

2. Glue the pom pom onto the Flower Basket Liner

I’m using this flower basket insert and a white ball to make the easter bunny butt.  You could use a pom-pom, a cotton ball, or some other white ball of your choice.    I’m going to hot glue that ball onto the bottom of the flower basket insert.

3. Make the feet

Now we will move on to the placemat. This will become the feet of our bunny.   I’m going to cut the placemat in half and then in quarters.

3. Cut the Placemat into feet

 I stack the remaining pieces together and draw the shape of a foot onto the back side with a dry-erase marker.  I will cut that shape and now I have two feet.  

3. Make the feet

I grabbed some adhesive vinyl from the dollar store and I’m going to cut a little section and fold it in.  I then draw an oval shape onto the back side and cut it out so that in the end I have two pieces of identical vinyl.  I will peel off the back of the vinyl and stick it on the foot.   I cut a little extra piece of vinyl and cut it into three pieces.  I draw a circle on the top piece and cut that to make three circles.  

3. Make the feet

I add these to both of my bunny feet.

4. Glue the feet onto the flower basket liner

4. Glue the feet onto the flower basket liner

I’m going to glue those feet to the flower pot insert and now I have a little bunny butt.

5. Cut the green tinsel off of the center piece

5. Cut the green tinsel off of the centerpiece

I’m going to take this Dollar Store centerpiece and cut off all of the little strands that have green.   Some of them are purple on the back side but I’ll be having them face the front so only the green will show.  

6. Paint on the carrot accents

6. Paint on the carrot accents

Now that all of the orange glasses are dry it’s time to add the accents.  These orange glasses will become the carrots in my outdoor decoration.   I will use folk art home decor brown paint to add the carrot details.   I’m going to dip my paintbrush into the brown paint and tap the brush on the glass to make a line.  I am making several similar lines to make the glass look like a carrot.   I will repeat this process with all three glasses and let the paint dry completely.  

8. Glue the green tinsel on the carrot

8. Glue the green tinsel on the carrot

Once the paint is dry I’m going to add a little hot glue to the top of the glass and place all those little pieces from the centerpiece on top.  You could also use faux greenery here as well. I’m going to let everything dry before I move forward.

9. Put the bunny and Carrots on display as your Easter Yard Decor

Everything is ready so now it’s time to take it all outside and set up our Easter yard decor. I’m going to start by placing my glass onto the lawn.  

I will take some mulch and pile it onto the grass and then take my little flower pot insert bunny butt and place it onto the mulch to give the illusion that he’s digging.  

Are you looking for Easter yard decor? With just a few items from Dollar tree, I'll show you a super cute and easy DIY

Here is the whole piece on display the carrots and the bunny digging in the ground.   If you already have mulch somewhere in your yard you could easily set this up right in the mulch. It’s still winter here but I was anxious to see this on display in my outdoor space and I am thrilled with how it turned out.

This will be a fun addition to any Easter egg hunt in the backyard or a whimsical way to greet your guests in the front yard for your Easter celebration.   If you have a very large planter you could even put your Easter bunny on display on the front porch or patio near the front door.  Just add moss to the planter to surround your bunny butt.  If you are lucky enough to have tulips you could place your display among the beautiful flowers. This display just adds such a fun pop of color and it is definitely something the kids can help make.  While you’re at it you can have your kids decorate their own Easter basket and of course, make colorful Easter eggs.

Easter Yard Decor Video

I hope this inspires you to make some Spring crafts of your own.   I’d love it if you’d subscribe to my YouTube channel and my blog.   Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in my next video and don’t forget to like,  share and subscribe. 

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Are you looking for Easter yard decor?  With just a few items from Dollar tree, I'll show you a super cute and easy DIY

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