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When my kids were younger, in our house every week we would try to have a family fun night.  (Now that they’re teenagers it has changed a little but we still have them.) It usually has a theme and it involves crafts, games, food, and a family movie. I’m sharing a very inexpensive craft from one of our family fun nights.

What you’ll need: Ceramic bunnies – mine came from the Dollar Tree Acrylic Paint (we didn’t want to use the paint that came with the bunnies) Paint brushes (we used sponge brushes) Acrylic Sealer (optional)

So simple – just paint the bunnies whatever color you wanted. My kids are older, but they still loved the idea that there didn’t have to be any “technical” aspect to this craft. They didn’t have to paint on a face and worry that they didn’t have a steady hand. They just picked their favorite color and painted away. Once they are dry, you can give them an optional coat of acrylic sealer if you want.

This is my son’s and the next one is my daughter’s They didn’t want to take the strings off their bunnies in case they decide to hang them up somewhere.

I couldn’t help it, I had to make 3. I made a chocolate bunny, metallic silver bunny, and a plain white bunny. I took the strings off my bunnies but I haven’t decided if I’ll pull out the metal loop yet.

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