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Easy 4 Dollar Bunny Wreath

Easy 4 Dollar Bunny Wreath
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This super easy bunny wreath is only $4 to make, you can find the supplies at the dollar store and it only takes about 1 hour to make!

You’ll need:

2 different wreath sizes

A bunny ears headband

A bunny clip on tail (or cotton)

Fishing line (or string of your choice)

White paint

Hot glue gun

I took my 2 wreaths outside and sprayed them with Rustoleum satin white spray paint. I only sprayed one side of the wreath for this project.

One that was completely dry, I tied the 2 wreaths together with fishing line. I went with fishing line because it’s strong and clear.

I cut the two ears off the bunny head band.

I hot glued the bunny ears onto the top of the smaller wreath form. I hot glued the ears with the front facing the non-painted side. The painted side would be the front and the non-painted side would be the back.

I hot glued the bunny tail onto the bottom of the larger wreath from.

My bunny wreath is finished and ready to be hung up just in time for spring!


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