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Make Your Own Peep

Make Your Own Peep
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I made Peep pillows for Easter, and my kids love them. This craft didn’t take a lot of time, there are options listed to make it easier, and there is an option for easy storage.

My mom gave me a bunch of fabric. Every year I sit down with it and try to create something. This year I decided on Peeps.


Materials Needed: Fabric, of your choice Buttons for eyes or peel and stick felt, Stuffing, Sewing Machine, hand stitching material, or hot glue Scissors Optional Velcro

Fold a piece of fabric in 1/2 & put your “right sides” (which means the part that is facing out on your bunny) of fabric together. Draw a peep shape. If you are not comfortable free handing your Peep, google search a picture of a peep, cut and paste it onto a piece of paper, make it the size you want, and print it for a pattern. Cut your double layer of fabric, and stitch or hot glue the bunny together. Make sure to leave an opening at the bottom for stuffing.

Turn your bunny “right side” out and stitch on the buttons or use the peel and stick felt.

Stuff the inside of your bunny to the desired amount. Stitch the bunny closed, or see the next step if you want to make it more pack-able after Easter.

I opted to use Velcro strips to close my bunny. I used a stitch Velcro but you could use a Velcro with a sticky back. This allows me to stuff the bunny when I decorate, and then un-stuff it and pack it away for the year.

We called this “sitting with our peeps” when we sat on the couch.

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