Candle Holder to Traveling Solar Holder

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We always bring solar lights with us when we camp. The ground is sometimes very hard and I end up breaking the plastic stake that comes with the solar light. This is exactly what happened to me on our camping trip. While in town sightseeing, I spotted a thrift store and found these candle holders...

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I decided to buy them and convert them from candle holders into solar holders.

You’ll need:
Candle holders of your choice
Solar light (or 2 depending on how many you’re making)

First you take the solar light off the post it comes with. Next put silicone in the hold of the candle holder.

Put the top of the solar light into the candle holder and let dry completely.

These pictures were while we were on our camping trip. I didn’t have my silicone with me and I used the solar light I had with us. The color isn’t perfect but it got us through our trip.

Once we got home & I changed up the solar light. I opted to not spray paint the candle holder for now, but you certainly could.

We are happy with our solar holders. We can use them in our back yard, take them camping, put them on the front porch, use them inside…because they’re mobile we have so many options.

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  1. Great idea. We love lighting projects and we haven’t done one in a long time. This is very clever! Thanks for sharing this with us at Funtastic Friday, Chas!

    1. Thank you Angie, and thanks for hosting a place for all of us to share 🙂

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