Candle Holder to Solar/Cup Holder

Candle Holder to Solar/Cup Holder
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I found this Pottery Barn candle holder at a garage sale and knew just want I wanted to do with it. Turn it into a solar/cup holder!

The price tag was still on the bottom and I paid .50 for it! I’m pretty sure there was a hurricane top to this candle holder that probably broke.


You’ll Need:

A Standing Candle Holder

Solar Light

Metal Candle Holder

Silicone or other glue of choice

First silicone/glue your metal candle holder onto the standing candle holder base. Let dry completely which is usually about 24 hours.

Pull apart your solar light.

Place the solar light in the metal candle holder.

Here’s what it looks like completed.

Use it to light up your porch, patio, walkway, etc.

Here it is lit up.

Pull the solar light out and it doubles as a cup holder if you choose.

Enjoy your beverage while relaxing.

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Comments (8)

  • Cool idea. Who doesn’t love something that is fancy and functional. Plus you get the beauty and the convenience all in one spot. You can’t beat that .50$ price tag either. You’re a genius. I’m a forever fan. Thanks

    • Thank you Jeannie you are so very sweet 🙂 It was a very exciting find and I’m so happy to have you as part of my blog community.

  • So easy and so beautiful! You constantly amaze me with the fun ideas that you have. I need to add a standing candle holder and a small metal one to my garage sale list!

    • Thank you Linda, you are always so sweet and supportive. There are so many of these out there at thrift stores because no one knows what to do with them after the glass globe breaks. I know you’ll find a good one that speaks to you. ☺️

  • Honestly, I just never know what you are going to do next! You seem to see potential in all sorts of objects.

  • I love this idea. I could use some of these for our outdoor space too. Thanks for sharing. Happy Summer, Kippi


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