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Real Tree Candle Holders

Real Tree Candle Holders
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We love the outdoors at our house.  I have always loved the look of the tree branch candle holders, but oh my goodness the prices!!!  We were just in Grand Lake, Colorado camping over Labor Day and I saw some in a store for $15 each.  We recently had an aspen tree pass away at our house and cut it down.  We saved some of the branches and we made our own aspen branch candle holders!

It all started with a branch.  You’ll want to let it dry out if you are going to seal it in the end.  If not, you’ll be okay to move ahead sooner.

I guessed at the size I wanted my candle holders to be and I sawed them to size.  After sawing them, I sanded the top and the bottom of the branches with a sanding block.

I used Polycrylic to seal the candle holders.  I was a little disappointed that some of the “white” from the aspen seemed to disappear, but I felt it better to seal the candle holder for long term and to prevent splitting and cracking as they dry.

Using a 1 1/2 inch spade drill bit in our drill, we made indents for the candles.

We tested both candle holders to make sure both a tealight candle and a battery operated tea light candle would fit into the holders.

We could have drilled the battery operated tealight down more but then the candle tealight would have sat down too low and we didn’t want the flame that low in the wood.

Here they are finished, and we love the way they turned out!

Once you’ve made them, they’re ready to be placed where you like.

I’m thinking these would make a great gift as well!

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