Solar Light Creations

Solar Light Creations
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I love solar lights and anyone who knows me can vouch for that. I have over 100 solar lights in my yard and many of them are made into creations that I’ve made. I build most of them out of things I find at garage sales & thrift stores. Here are just a few for me to share with you…

For this first one, the base is a tealight holder that is supposed to have a lampshade. I placed a solar light (minus the stem) into the tealight location and placed an old glass shade over the top.

This one is a standing candle holder that has vines. I placed a glass lamp shade on top to make the illusion of a flower. I placed a solar light minus the stem in the center of the flower.

This is a taper candle holder. I placed silicone in the base and added the solar light to the top of it to make a lamp.

This candle holder used to have a glass piece in the center to hold a tealight. That piece was long gone when I got it at a garage sale. I spray painted it silver and placed a sphere solar light (minus the stem) in the center where the glass for the tealight used to be.

This is one of my many solar chandeliers.  This one was a candle holder I found at a flea market.  It was missing all of the glass candle inserts.  I brought it home and painted it.  I added solar lights to each of the loops and it hangs in our gazebo.

This one is a vase that I turned into a solar holder.  I added little glass flat rocks from Dollar Tree to the base, and added the sphere solar light from Walmart to the top.

This is a glass pumpkin that I found at a thrift store.  I added a cylinder vase from Dollar Tree to the center and added a solar light to the top of it.

This is a light house plant stand I got on clearance from Walmart.  I added a jar from World Market that was a gift from my husband, and a solar light and I created a light house.

I found this owl on clearance at Walmart and I had to add a solar light in a ball jar to the center of him.

Yet another candle holder minus the tealight candle inserts found at the thrift store. I added some tea cups and solar lights.

I found this candelabra at a thrift store and with some paint, silicone, and solar lights I changed it into a solarabra.

I found these candle holders a year later at a garage sale. I snagged them as I felt they matched the above solarabra. I spray painted them, added some silicone and solar lights and love how they match.

I made a lighthouse out of terra cotta pots. Paint the pots, silicone them together, and add a solar light on top.

Yet another solar chandelier to add to my collection. This taper candle holder I found at a thrift store. I added silicone to each holder spot and added the solar light. Let it dry for 24 hours and it’s ready to go outside.

I promise to add some more detailed descriptions on how to make some of these over time.  Just wanted to show you a few simple ideas to add ambiance to your home.

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Comments (16)

  • I love solar lights too, but you AMAZE me with all of the things you do with them! Love your ideas!

  • Would love to see pictures of all your lights at night when you get a chance.

  • Hello Chas,
    Thank you for sharing all these awesome solar lights! I have a few friends here at the campground we are currently living at who have either purchased or made their own solar lights. I love the chandeliers ~ kinda my favorite things for decorating with!! I pinned a couple of yours to my Ethereal Lighting and DIY Projects for you and for my readers.

    Thank you and I subscribed to see what other fun things you create,
    Happy spring to you and your family,
    Barb 🙂

  • Hi Chas, I too, am a fan of solar lighting for outdoor living. I have made several myself including a chandelier which we hung on our front porch at the old home. Love all these ideas. I’ll probably be making more this summer. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us at Merry Monday. Can’t wait to see what you’re up to next!

    • I love to hear that other people like to make solar creations too. I don’t know if there is such a thing as too many is there? See you next week 🙂

  • I love solar lights as well, Chas, and yours are exceptionally creative! Thank you so much for sharing this great inspiration at the Hearth and Soul Link Party. I hope your week is going well!

  • This is adorable & what a charming garden decoration. I will be featuring this in my 13 Charming Garden Decorations at Merry Monday on Sunday at 6 pm pst. Hope to see you at the party!

    • Thank you so much Jenny for the feature, I look forward to linking up again and see what everyone is creating 🙂

  • I love all these solar light ideas. I have an old light fixture I am going to hang in a tree with some of the solar lights in it. Thank you for the inspiration.
    Have a great week, Kippi

  • Wow – such a great way to turn solar lights into something fancy – I will try a few this summer. Thanks for sharing at the #TrafficJamWeekend


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